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The Basic Questions

What is Jenius?

A revolutionary banking application with a VISA debit card to help with any of your banking activities such as saving, transacting or managing money in a simple, smart and safe way. Everything is managed from one place, right from your smartphone.

Is Jenius a bank?

Jenius is Banking Reinvented, which means although it has a function as a bank, but Jenius gives all of the access back to you. So, now you have control over your money and your own money management. Jenius is more than just a bank, because Jenius is also taking part as an enabler to help its user to achieve a smooth integration between life and finance, so you can achieve your aspirations and life goals easily.

Jenius is different from the common bank because all of the banking actvities were made simpler without any need to go to the bank or experience a long queue with so many beaurocracy. Everything can be seen, arranged and managed right from your smartphone.

Is Jenius a mobile banking or e-wallet?

Jenius is different from mobile banking, which is the extension of a bank itself. You don’t have to go to a bank and open an account to enjoy the service of Jenius. With Jenius, all banking activities can be done right inside the application, from opening an account, paying bills, transferring money, saving, term deposit, even budget allocation for money management.

Jenius is also different from e-wallet because Jenius can be used not only to do payment or transaction, but also to save money and have term deposit with up to 5.75% interest rate p.a. and also can be used to help you manage your money to achieve a better Life Finance.

What are the advantages I’ll receive by using Jenius?

Jenius will help you have a faster transaction process, maximise your money with a higher interest rate, manage your finance with extra debit cards for money allocation and budget limit.

You can have:

  • $Cashtag, an account name to replace your account number, so you don’t have to memorize a long account number anymore;
  • Split Bill, to fairly split your bills with friends and families;
  • Card Center, all debit cards management in one place including the daily transaction and withdraw limit, temporary or permanent block.

Other advantages can be seen here..

With Jenius, you can also enjoy free 25x interbank transfer from Jenius app per month and 25x money withdraw from any BTPN and Prima/Bersama ATMs per month, free of administration fee, free of opening and closing account fee, free of opening and minimum balance fee, free of transfer fee and free of card-making fee.

Do I have to open a BTPN account to enjoy Jenius services?

By opening a Jenius account, you are automatically opening a BTPN account. You can enjoy the services provided by BTPN such as cash deposit in any BTPN branches, cash withdraw in any BTPN ATMs or free of transfer fee for money transfer from Jenius account to BTPN account or vice versa.

I already have a BTPN account, can I change or transfer my account to Jenius?

Although it is part of BTPN, you still need to create a Jenius account to enjoy Jenius services.

Who can use Jenius app?

All Indonesian citizens who already have KTP and smartphone.

How can I start using Jenius?

You can start by downloading Jenius app and doing the registration process inside the Jenius app.

How can I add Jenius to my smartphone?

Jenius app is free. All Android users with minimum OS of Kitkat 4.2 and all iPhone users with minimum OS of iOS 7 can experience Banking Reinvented by downloading the app here.

If I don’t have or not yet receive my e-KTP, can I create a Jenius account?

If you have a valid KTP, but not e-KTP, you can still create a Jenius account.
If you haven’t received and still in the process of creating an e-KTP, you can create a Jenius account by taking a picture of the copy of your e-KTP receipt in the registration process and providing an additional identification document to our Jenius Crew, such as SIM (driving license) or passport, while doing your account activation.

I don’t have or not yet have an NPWP, can I create a Jenius account?

Yes, you can. In the registration process, choose “I don’t have an NPWP”. And then, in the account activation process, you need to provide the Beneficial Owner’s NPWP of your partner or parents to our Jenius Crew.

How can I fund my Jenius account?

There are many options to deposit your money to your Jenius account:

  1. Money transfer to your Jenius account through the Jenius TCR machine located at BTPN Tower & Kota Kasablanka Mall.
  2. Money transfer to your Jenius account through any nearest Jenius Live.
  3. Money transfer through teller in any office branches of BTPN Sinaya and Purna Bakti, the complete location can be seen here.
  4. Transfer from another bank, input the BTPN bank code (213) and your Jenius account number or your registered mobile phone number (find the instructions below). Jenius account number can be found un Profile menu in your Jenius app.
Is my money in Jenius safe?

Your money in Jenius will be safe because Jenius is part of BTPN and BTPN is registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) and guaranteed by Lembaga Penjamin Keuangan (LPS). Jenius is also equipped with 2-layered authentification for any financial transactions and the (un)block cards function and transaction limit that can be managed right from the application.

If I lost my phone, would my money in Jenius still be safe?

Your money will still be safe, but make sure you have unlinked your device by accessing this link and choose Device in Settings menu.

How can I withdraw my money from my Jenius account if I rarely find the nearest BTPN ATM?

You can withdraw your money from any ATMs as long as it is connected to Prima/Bersama network or worldwide VISA network.

Where can I go to visit Jenius’ branch offices?

Jenius doesn’t have any branch office. But, you can visit our main office at Menara BTPN, 18th floor, Jenius Center at Kota Kasablanka, LG floor or any other Jenius Locations.

Where can I find more information about Jenius besides from Jenius booth?

You can get more information about Jenius by following our official social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

Where can I give feedbacks or suggestions?

You can give your feedbacks or suggestions by contacting us via e-mail to, Jenius Chat inside Jenius app or by calling Jenius Help at 1500 365.