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How do I see past transactions from my main Jenius account?

Past transactions can be seen inside In & Out by filtering the transaction history. Select the funnel in the top right corner, select a filter by Time Range and specify the transaction time you would like to see.

How long is my transaction history recorded in In & Out?

Transaction History recorded in In & Out menu are transactions that you have carried out for the past 6 months.

Where can I view transaction history for over the past 6 months?

You can see your transaction history for the past years in e-statement menu in Profile & Settings.

How do I see my scheduled transactions in In & Out?

All of your scheduled transactions can be seen in Upcoming menu inside In & Out feature.

How do I see the status of my Split Bill or Pay Me that I’ve sent?

All of your Split Bill and Pay Me request status can be seen on Request menu inside In & Out feature.

How do I send a Split Bill and Pay Me reminder to my through from In & Out?

1. Select In & Out, then tap on Request menu.
2. Tap one of the request that has been sent.
3. Choose Send button that exist in the send reminder to your friend column.
4. Add notes and choose the reminder frequency.
5. Review it before tapping Send Reminder.

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