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What is Feesible?

Feesible is a subscription fee of IDR10,000/month to utilise all services in the financial ecosystem connected to your Jenius account. Feesible means fee to make our dreams possible.

With Feesible, you can enjoy the ease of financial management to help you realize your dreams and aspirations in life. At the same time, Feesible will help Jenius realize a bigger dream to build a sustainable digital business while continuing to offer various innovations and give birth to new features to make your life easier.

Why did Jenius apply Feasible?

Because Jenius wants to continue its commitment to always provide new innovations that can make your life easier. In addition, Jenius also wants to build a sustainable digital business so that it can stay by your side, accompany your journey, and help you realize your dreams.

Jenius understands that maybe this is unpleasant news for you. And with the spirit to always put you first, Jenius ensures everything remains transparent and the costs incurred for Feesible remain affordable.

When will the Feesible come into effect?

Feesible will officially take effect on January 2021.

Will Feesible be applied to all Jenius users?

Yes. Although Feesible does not apply to the official payroll partners of Jenius of Bank BTPN.

What will I get with Feesible?

With Feesible, you can enjoy the ease of financial management with a variety of features available in the Jenius app. Feesible will link your Jenius account with various services in the application, cards, as well as various innovations in the form of new features which Jenius will present in the future so that you can manage your life and finances more easily.

Do Jenius users have the option to not subscribe or not pay Feesible?

In accordance with bank policy, Feesible are valid for all Jenius users as of January 1, 2021. For now, there is no option to not subscribe.

Therefore, be aware of fraud on behalf of Jenius and offer the opportunity to be free of Feesible by requesting your personal data. Because Feesible will apply to all Jenius users without exception.

Will Feesible affect Awards, Rates and Limits, or other features?

Feesible will not affect Awards, Rates & Limits, or other features. You will still receive Awards according to the balance you deposit in Jenius, Rates & Limits will apply according to bank regulations, you can also use other features as usual.

From what balance or savings will the Feesible be withdrawn?

Feasible will be charged to every Jenius user by withdrawing IDR10,000 every month from the Active Balance of your personal or business account (m-Card), e-Card, x-Card, or Flexi Saver.

What will happen if my Active Balance is empty or has less than IDR10,000 when the Feesible fund withdrawal is made?

If the Active Balance of your personal or business account (m-Card), e-Card, x-Card, or Flexi Saver are all empty or have less than IDR10,000, then the Feesible for that month will be charged again regularly in the same month. If the billing still fails to be made, the Feesible will be charged again accumulatively in the following month. And for that, please make sure you have fund worth at least IDR10,000 in your Jenius account every month.

How can I see the Feesible menu in the Jenius app?

You can view the proof of transactions related to Feesible at In & Out.

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