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Hold Amount

Why can’t I use the money I just added to Active Balance?

If you have any ongoing payment and your Active Balance is insufficient to pay it, Jenius will automatically hold some money on your Active Balance to settle them.
If there’s still some remaining, they will be available in Active Balance to use.

Why did Jenius apply Hold Amount?

Because Jenius wants to help you settle your payment on time.

How do I know if there’s any Hold Amount in my Active Balance?

Check if there’s any amount in a brackets under Active Balance on your Jenius dashboard.
Also, you can find out from the Hold Amount information which is available under the shortcut widget.
Once the Hold Amount has been released for payment, this information won’t be available on the dashboard anymore. You can find them on the In & Out menu.

When will the Hold Amount released for payment?

Each payment has its own terms. The amount can be held for 1 to 30 working days, either it’s sufficient or only a part of the total payment.
If the Hold Amount hasn’t been released within 30 working days, contact Jenius Help immediately at 1500 365.

Where can I withdraw my money?

You can do cash withdrawal using your Jenius Debit Card (m-Card or x-Card) at BTPN ATM or any ATM connected with Prima/Bersama network or Visa network.
For a large amount of cash withdrawal (over IDR10,000,000 but below IDR99,950,000), you can withdraw it at our Jenius TCR machine in Kota Kasablanka Mall by using the QR Code scanner inside your Jenius app (for now, this is limited to Android smartphones only).

What should I do if my cash withdrawal at the ATM failed but the In & Out shows that my balance was already deducted?

You may report this case to Jenius Help by contacting 1500365.

Can I use Jenius services abroad?

Yes, you can use Jenius app and Jenius Debit Cards abroad, because Jenius is part of Visa network.

If I want to transfer funds from abroad to a Jenius account, what is SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code for Jenius or PT Bank BTPN Tbk?

You can use SUNIIDJA as the SWIFT code.

Will I get a Jenius passbook saving?

No. Jenius doesn’t provide a passbook saving, however Jenius provides an e-Statement (bank statement) every month that can be accessed and downloaded from Profile & Settings menu inside your Jenius app.

Where can I get a monthly bank statement from my Jenius account?

You can get your monthly e-Statement in the Profile menu, where there will be a list of e-Statements of your Jenius account. You can save them as PDFs or send them to your e-mail address. The e-Statement is available from the moment you activate your Jenius account.

Can I use my transaction history as my bank statement?

Your transaction history in In & Out only covers your primary account or Active Balance. For a bank statement, you need to download your e-Statement to acquire your transaction record from your primary account or Active Balance, Jenius Debit Cards (m-Card, e-Card and x-Cards) and also all of your savings and term deposit in Save It features.

Can I see my transaction history (account mutation) in Jenius?

Yes. You can see you transaction history anytime you want without being limited by the amount of the transaction history. You can even filter it by name of the recipient or the sender.

What is a collection site?

Collection site is a safe place on your internet browser where a recipient can collect money sent to them (via SMS/e-mail) by entering their bank name and account number.

I have a Jenius account, but my friend transferred the money to my other phone number that is not registered to my Jenius account. Can I still receive the money?

Yes, you still can receive the money in your Jenius account. The link that is being sent through SMS or e-mail will direct you to the collection site, where you can choose which of your bank accounts you want the money to be transferred to, including your Jenius account.

How do I get a Bank Reference Letter from Jenius?

You can request for a Bank Reference Letter through Jenius Help at 1500 365, e-mail to [email protected] or by visiting the Jenius booth anywhere.
You need to prepare the following data:
1. Name of the account holder
2. $Cashtag of the account holder
3. Jenius account number
4. The purpose of making the Bank Reference Letter (specifically for visa making, please inform the embassy of the destination country)
This process takes a maximum of 3 working days. After completion, the softcopy version of this Bank Reference Letter will be sent to your e-mail address. In addition, you can also get the physical form of the letter directly at the Jenius booth located on the ground floor of the Menara BTPN, Mega Kuningan.

How can I close my Jenius account?

You can call our Jenius Help at 1500 365 for further assistance in closing your Jenius account.

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