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Activation Process

Can I change my personal details that are already registered in Jenius app?

Yes, you can, by following these steps:
1. Choose Profile & Settings.
2. Then tap Edit.
3. Choose NPWP & personal details.
4. Change your personal details and tap Save.

Why do I have to activate my Jenius account?

After completing the registration process, your Jenius account is still not active. The activity of sending money or other banking activities in Jenius can not yet be done. In order to fully experience the Banking Reinvented experience and utilize all the features of Jenius to the fullest, you must activate your Jenius account. This is also a process required by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

How do I activate my Jenius account?

There are 2 ways to activate your Jenius account:

A) Video Call

You can call a Jenius Crew through a video call to activate your Jenius account. The operating time of Jenius Crew: Monday-Sunday, 08.00 – 21.00 WIB.

Follow these steps:
1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
2. On the dashboard page of your Jenius app, choose Activate Now.
3. Choose Activate with Video Call.
4. Jenius will asks for your permission to access your phone’s camera and microphone. Choose Give Access.
5. If you’re not connected directly to a Jenius Crew, you will be directed to a queuing screen where you will need to wait until your turn to talk to our Jenius Crew.
6. Once you’re connected, follow the instruction from our Jenius Crew.
7. For verification purposes, please have your real KTP ready and make sure you are in a place with adequate lighting. If the name or date of birth on your ID card cannot be read or your photo can’t be seen clearly, then a supporting document is needed, namely a driver’s license or passport whose name matches your ID card and all data and photos can be read or seen clearly.
8. Jenius will send an e-mail stating your account is active.

B) Visit Jenius Live

You can visit Jenius Live whose locations you can find here or by visiting the nearest BTPN Sinaya and Purna Bakti branch offices.

1. Take time to visit and activate your account at Jenius Live.
2. For verification purposes, please have your real KTP ready.
3. Jenius Crew will ask for a signature and take a photo of your KTP.
4. Jenius will send an e-mail stating your account is active.

Will I pay for telephone charges when I activate with Video Call?

No. Video calls will use an internet connection, therefore, make sure your internet connection is stable and you have enough data plan when making a video call with our Jenius Crew.

How long does it take until my Jenius account is active after I verify with Video Call or visit Jenius Live?

Jenius requires approximately 15 minutes after verification to activate your Jenius account.
If you live outside of Jabodetabek, Bandung and Surabaya, you can still complete the activation process by having a video call or by visiting the nearest branch offices of BTPN Sinaya and Purna Bakti. Find the location of the branch offices here.

What time is the operational time to activate my Jenius account using Video Call?

Jenius Crew operational time: Monday-Sunday, 08.00 – 21.00 WIB.

How do I know my Jenius account has been active?

You will receive an e-mail from Jenius informing you that your Jenius account is now active.

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