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If I have more than one device, can I log in to my Jenius account on all of my devices?

No. As our commitment to improve security and fight against fraudsters, we’ve implemented a new one account one device policy.

I currently have more than one device linked to my Jenius account. Can I still use them

Yes, you’ll still able to use them to log in to your Jenius account, but you can’t add any more devices.
We highly recommend deleting any unused linked devices to easily manage your account and keep them secure.

How do I delete a particular device that I won’t use anymore?

There are 4 options to unlink your device:

– Call Jenius Help at 1500 365.
– Use Face Recognition feature in Jenius app.
– Visit Jenius booth with a Service Point.
– Visit the nearest Bank BTPN branch office.

I lost my device and I can’t log in to Jenius with my new device. What should I do?

You can contact Jenius Help at 1500 365 to get service assistance.

Why can’t the Jenius app be accessed on rooted/jailbroken devices?

Apart from the regulations from Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the main reason of this is for your safety when transacting with the Jenius app. Rooted/jailbroken devices are more susceptible to viruses and malware (for example, more prone to data theft).

My device is already rooted/jailbroken, what should I do to still be able to access Jenius?

You can only use the Jenius app if you restore your device to its original settings or use another device that is not rooted/jailbroken.

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