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About Bisniskit

What is Bisniskit?

Bisniskit is an application to help users in optimizing their business. Bisniskit has a Point of Sales feature (Mesin Kasir), and users can also access business data such as sales information, business expenses, customer data, and other information all through your smartphone without any fee or charges.

Is Bisniskit different with the existing Jenius app?

Yes, Bisniskit is an application specifically made to help business owners in managing their business, on the other hand Jenius is an application that offers banking services to manage your personal and business finances

Must I have Jenius account before I can use Bisniskit?

You can still use Bisniskit eventhough you don’t have a Jenius account. But, you can connect Bisniskit with your Jenius application so you can track your transaction easily

Is Bisniskit accessible through the web?

No, right now Bisniskit can only be accessed though application

Can Bisniskit be accessed offline?

No, to use Bisniskit you must be connected to the internet

What are the benefits of using Bisniskit?

Bisniskit helps you in managing your business with ease.

  • You can see your business conditions which is easily digested, have access to simple cash register, your expenses log, control access limits for your employees, and save customer data to optimize your business.
  • Another benefit of using Bisniskit is that it can be connected to your Jenius account to track business transactions easily.
  • All of these features can be used without any monetary cost.
Can I add product data in bulk at once?

Yes, you can add product data in bulk by Impor dari Excel in the menu Tambah Produk.

How do you add multiple products at once?

You can add products in bulk by following these few steps:

  1. Select Produk
  2. Select Tambah Produk
  3. Select Impor dari Excel
  4. Select Download Template to download the template to your handphone or select Email Template to get the template through the registered email
  5. Input the products data to the template
  6. Click Upload Template Excel
  7. Select the file you want to input
  8. If there are data on the Perlu Perbaikan section, please download the failed data, adjust as instructed, and re-upload the file
Can I sell products which does not have a fixed number of stock or not in forms of units?

You can sell business products which does not have stock calculations by activating “Jual tanpa stok” when you’re adding the product information

Can “Mesin Kasir” (Cash Register) in Bisniskit be connected with EDC?

Yes, Bisniskit has partner up with Cashlez as a provider for EDC machine. There are 2 types of EDC offered by Cashlez, which are Cashlez reader non Printer at IDR 1,700,000.- and Cashlez Reader Printer at IDR 2,500,000,-

Can Bisniskit be connected to a printer?

You can connect Bisniskit application with all bluetooth thermal printer in the market. Please look for a printer that suits your needs.

Why do I have to link Bisniskit with my Jenius account?

By linking your Bisniskit with Jenius business account, you can use features like:

  • Transfer as one of the payment method
  • Jenius business account information details will be appear on the bills
  • Invoice with an unique code
  • Transaction status will be automatically updated
Do I need to have a Jenius business account to get my Bisniskit linked with Jenius?

Yes, Bisniskit can only be linked with Jenius business account. Activate the account now through Jenius app.

Does Bisniskit have additional features that is not free?

Bisniskit is a business management application which is free of charge.

Payments only have to be done if you want to buy additional hardware / device to help you in doing your business. As of right now, Bisniskit can be integrated with other additional devices such as EDC and thermal printer. These devices are optional, and therefore you can use these functions if it suit your needs.

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