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Can I use Jenius to send money to any international banks?

At the moment, you can’t use Jenius to transfer money to any international banks.

How do I know the status of my transfer?

Your transaction status will always appear on your dashboard every time you have finished sending money or paying bills.

I’ve sent money to my friend but he said he hasn’t received it. Is my money gone?

Your money is safe. There must be a delay due to a bad internet connection or there has been a problem with the server. Please wait for a couple of minutes, your money should be sent by then.

If I send a money request to a receiver’s e-mail or phone number, how can they send money to me?

When you send a money request, that also includes your Jenius account numbers. They can send the money by using one of two transfer methods (SKN/RTGS or ATM transfer) to send money to you.

Is there any transfer fees when making a transfer using Jenius app?

With Jenius, you will get 25 times free of transfer fee to other banks per month, only in the first two months after you have finished the registration process. The fee limit can be seen in Awards inside your Jenius app. You will also not be charged for any additional fees if you make a transfer to another Jenius user or BTPN account holders.

How much is the transfer fee of sending money to other bank from Jenius app?

When you’ve reached the quota limit in Awards menu or if you don’t have any quota limit at all, each transfer you make to other bank will be charged with IDR5,000.

I’ve just sent money to my friend. Why is it not showing in the transaction history?

Please check your internet connection again. A very slow internet connection will make a delay in the recording of your transaction history. Even so, your transaction will still be recorded in the next couple of minutes.

How can I get a transaction receipt after transferring money from the app?

After you have succesfully transferred your money, you can tap View Receipt button from the widget that is being shown. You can also access it from the transaction history in In & Out.
For Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, and Note 8 users, you can share the transaction receipt through the sharing button inside Jenius app by ensuring these two things:
1. Adobe PDF app is already installed in your device
2. Download the transaction receipt into your device before you can share it

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