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Can I use Jenius Pay in other place than e-Commerce site?

At the moment, you can only use Jenius Pay for online transaction at e-Commerce site, especially those merchants who are in partnership with Jenius.

Is there any requirements to make a payment using Jenius Pay?

1. Make sure you have an active Jenius account.
2. Make sure your Jenius m-Card is already activated.
3. Use $Cashtag when you make a transaction with Jenius Pay in the merchant’s website.

Why can’t I find Jenius Pay inside my Jenius app?

Transaction with Jenius Pay can only be done inside the merchant’s website. You will receive a notification for a payment request to your Jenius. All you need to do inside your own Jenius app is to authorize the payment request.

Are there minimum and maximum limits when making transactions using Jenius Pay?

There is no minimum limit when you’re making a transaction using Jenius Pay.
Whereas the maximum limit is IDR100,000,000.

Is Jenius Pay safe?

Every transaction done with Jenius Pay will send a request to you to make an authentication inside your Jenius app. There will be no transaction made until you authorize it.

Can I make a transaction using Jenius Pay without my smartphone?

No. You can only confirm your Jenius Pay transaction from your smartphone through the Notifications Center in your Jenius app. You cannot confirm the transaction via Jenius web app.

Is there any transaction limit when I use Jenius Pay to make a payment?

Yes, the regulation requires banks to apply risk control (limit) for payment transactions. Jenius Pay will use the same limit as your bank account limit for the type of payment using your Jenius cards (shared limit).

Can I still make a transaction using Jenius Pay if the transaction using my main account (Active Balance) has already reached the limit?

No, the limit applied is for each bank account must be in accordance with the rules set by Bank Indonesia. If your Jenius account has reached the daily transaction limit, then you can no longer use your Jenius account, either with Jenius Pay or Jenius Debit Card (by using EDC machine or in an e-Commerce site) to make any transactions.

What is the difference between transacting with Jenius Pay and Jenius Debit Cards (m-Card, e-Card or x-Card)?

Jenius Pay offers a new and more practical way of transacting because you don’t need your debit cards and you don’t need to remember or give your debit cards number, which is very sensitive information. With Jenius Pay, you only need your $Cashtag and your payment approval through the Jenius app.

Are there any additional fees if I make a payment using Jenius Pay?

No, customers will not be charged with any additional fees when using Jenius Pay. Please report to Jenius Help if there are any attempts by the merchant to charge you with an additional fee.

People know my $Cashtag already, what if someone tries to use my $Cashtag without my permission or my knowledge and shops in an e-Commerce site?

Every transaction using Jenius Pay will automatically send a notification to your Jenius app. If you are sent a notification from a suspicious transaction, you can ignore or decline the payment request you receive in your Jenius app.

Where can I see my Jenius Pay transaction history?

You can see your Jenius Pay transaction history in In & Out.

Who should I contact if the transaction I did with Jenius Pay failed?

You can contact the merchant where you made your transaction.

Who should I contact if the transaction I did with Jenius Pay was successful but I haven’t been contacted regarding the product I bought or the product hasn’t been delivered?

If your transaction was successful, then by extension the payment process with Jenius Pay was also successful. You need to contact the related merchant about this.

Who should I contact if the transaction I did with Jenius Pay was declared unsuccessful by the merchant but my Active Balance has been debited?

You can contact the merchant where you made your transaction.

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