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What is Jenius?

Jenius is a revolutionary banking app with Visa debit cards to help with any of your banking activities such as savings, making transactions or managing money in a simple, smart and safe way. Everything is managed from one place, right from your smartphone.

Is Jenius a bank?

Jenius is what we call Banking Reinvented. It means that Jenius has all the functions of a bank, but you, as the user, have all the access. You have control over how you want to manage your money. Jenius aims to help its users to achieve synergy between their life and finances and eventually achieve their goals. Ultimately, Jenius is more than just a bank.

Unlike other banks, all banking activities made via Jenius is designed to give you ease and simplicity. All your banking activities can be seen, arranged and managed right from your smartphone, so you can save that trip to the bank and do more important things.

Is Jenius a mobile banking or e-wallet?

Jenius is different from mobile banking. Traditional mobile banking is an extension of the bank itself and as such, it’s unavoidable for you to go to the bank at a certain point. It’s different with Jenius. Everything can be done through your smartphone and from the Jenius app. From opening an account, paying your bills, transfering money, savings, term deposits, investment, credit, and so much more.

Jenius is also different from e-wallet because Jenius can be used not only to make payments or transactions, but also to save money and have term deposits of up to 5% interest rates p.a.. Jenius can also be used to help you manage your money and achieve better Life Finance.

What are the advantages I’ll receive by using Jenius?

Jenius will make your banking activities faster and more efficient. You also have the convenience of accessing everything from your smartphone from maximizing your money with higher interest rates, managing your finance with multiple debit cards and even allocating money and setting budget limits.

Among the perks you’ll receive upon registering include:
– QRIS transactions domestically and shopping overseas with Jenius Debit Card.
– Allocation for savings & deposits according to needs, as well as investment in mutual fund products.
– Flexibly manage expenses with installment limits, credit cards, and Paylater.

Other benefits can be seen here.

Enjoy free interbank transfers using Jenius App and free ATM cash withdrawals at Bersama/Prima network as detailed at here.

Do I have to open a PT Bank BTPN Tbk. account to enjoy Jenius services?

By opening a Jenius account, you are automatically opening a PT Bank BTPN Tbk. account. You can enjoy the services provided by PT Bank BTPN Tbk. such as cash deposit in any PT Bank BTPN Tbk. branches, withdraw cash in any PT Bank BTPN Tbk. ATMs and enjoy transfering money to another Jenius account or PT Bank BTPN Tbk. account free of charge.

I already have a PT Bank BTPN Tbk. account, can I change or transfer my account to Jenius?

Although it is part of PT Bank BTPN Tbk., you still need to create a Jenius account to enjoy Jenius services.

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