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Who can use Jenius app?

All Indonesian citizens who already have KTP and smartphone.

What kind of smartphone and operating system can be used for Jenius app?

All type of Android smartphones (min. version of 4.42) and iPhone (min. OS of version 9).

Especially for iOS users who have updated to iOS 15.5, the downloaded Jenius app should be the latest version (v3.14.0) in order to be able to use Jenius optimally.

What should I prepare before creating Jenius account?

To create a Jenius account, you need to prepare your identity card and a Taxpayer Identity Number that you submit in your tax report (if you have one). If you want to continue the activation through video call, you need to prepare supporting documents such as Driving Licence/Passport/Student Card or other ID cards that the name listed in accordance with the original identity card.

If I don’t have or have not yet received my e-KTP, can I create a Jenius account?

If you have a valid KTP, but not e-KTP, you can still create a Jenius account. If you haven’t received and still in the process of creating an e-KTP, you can create a Jenius account by taking a picture of the copy of your e-KTP receipt in the registration process and providing an additional identification document to our Jenius Crew, such as SIM (driving license) or passport, while doing your account activation.

I don’t have an NPWP, can I create a Jenius account?

Yes, you can. In the registration process, choose “I don’t have an NPWP”. And then, in the account activation process, you need to provide the Beneficial Owner’s NPWP of your partner or parents to our Jenius Crew.

Can I access Jenius Terms & Conditions from elsewhere?

Yes. You can read Jenius Terms & Conditions here.

I’m a US citizen. Does that mean I can’t open a Jenius account?

Unfortunately, no. You need to have an Indonesian KTP to open a Jenius account.

How can I start using Jenius?

You can start by downloading the Jenius app and doing the registration process inside the Jenius app.

How can I add Jenius to my smartphone?

Jenius app is free. All Android users with minimum OS of Kitkat 4.2 and all iPhone users with minimum OS of iOS 9 can experience Banking Reinvented by downloading the app here.

What should I prepare before creating Jenius account?

To create a Jenius account, you need to prepare your identity card, and a Taxpayer Identity Number, if you have one.

How do I register a Jenius account?

You can visit a Jenius booth near you or simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the Jenius app on the AppStore or GooglePlay;
  2. Prepare your ID card (KTP) to register;
  3. Proceed with the registration process by tapping on the Activate Now button on the Jenius app to have our Jenius Crew helping with your activation process over a video call;
  4. You can also visit a BTPN Sinaya or BTPN Purna Bakti branch near you to activate your account. Find the list of the branches at Jenius Live;
  5. Once your Jenius account has been activated, you can activate your m-Card from the Jenius app, shop using your virtual e-Card, and order an x-Card.
How long is the registration process?

If you have already prepared your identity card and followed the procedure given, then the registration process will take less than 10 minutes.

I was asked to create PIN and password, what is the difference?

PIN and password are needed for different usage. PIN or device PIN is needed to access your Jenius account from your smartphone. Password is needed to log in and account verification when making transactions. For more information, you can read this article.

Is it possible to change the name that will be printed on the debit card during the registration process?

You can choose from the options we provide, but if it’s already printed on your main Jenius Debit Card or your m-Card, you won’t be able to make any changes.

Is there any requirement for e-mail address to be registered for Jenius?

Any e-mail address can be used as long as it is still active.

Why is it mandatory to fill in personal data?

It is an obligatory from OJK (as the regulator) when opening a bank account.

Can I still create a Jenius account if I don’t have my own income?

Yes, you can, just follow the given steps to register and activate your Jenius account in this page. However, you still need to upload a picture of your Beneficiary Owner’s Taxpayer Identity Number.

My registration process was interrupted, can I continue it?

You can continue the registration process with the same device within 24 hours. If you would like to continue with another device or reinstall the application, then you have to do the registration process all over again.

What should I do if my registration always fails?

Should this happen, please contact Jenius Help at 1500 365 so that Jenius Crew can help you resolve the matter.

I’ve tried the onboarding process for a couple of times but always fail. Are there any certain steps I need to do?

Here are some things you need to consider while doing the onboarding process:

  • e-mail address should be written in lowercase (max. 35 characters).
  • Phone numbers need to be typed manually (not copy-paste from the contact list on your smartphone) and avoid spaces.
  • If you didn’t receive a verification code or OTP, make sure your date/time settings in your smartphone is auto-sync.
  • Your KTP’s photo is not cropped.
  • Write your name in capital letters.
  • Make sure the password consists of lowercase, capital letters, numbers, and at least 10 characters.
  • Do not tap on your smartphone’s screen repeatedly while registering, please wait for the app to process your data.
  • If you fail to enter your PIN 3 times, please wait for 5 minutes before trying again.
What should I do if I didn’t receive a verification code or OTP?

You can request a new verification code by pressing the Resend button. If you have requested for a new code 3 times in a row, please wait 5 minutes before continuing or contact Jenius Help at 1500 365 for help.

Can I use my Jenius account right after finishing the registration process?

After completing the registration process, your Jenius account is still not active yet. After activating your account, you will receive an e-mail informing you that your account is active.

Can I create a Jenius account without having a Taxpayer Identity Number?

Yes, even so, you still have to upload yourTaxpayer Identity Number within 2 weeks after completing the registration process.

I am still a student, can I create my own Jenius account?

Yes, you can, as long as you have an Identity Card.

Can I still create a Jenius account if I’m not eligible to have an Identity Number yet?

No. You can’t make a Jenius account if you are not eligible yet to own a KTP.

I’m in the process of creating my e-KTP, can I create a Jenius account by using a Reference Letter?

Yes, you can, as long as the Reference Letter is still valid.

If in my place of residence there is no Jenius Live and BTPN Sinaya branch offices, can I still use the Jenius application?

Yes, you can keep using Jenius app. You can activate your Jenius account by having a video call with our Jenius Crew.

I haven’t received an update in my Google Play Store/App Store to version 3.2, can I still register to Jenius?

You can still register wo Jenius with application version 3.1.x. and continue registration like normal with verification code which will be sent through SMS.

I haven’t received the verification code in my e-mail, can I resend the code?

Yes, you can resend the verification code 3 times. If you haven’t received the code, please go back to the first page and input your e-mail and phone number, please ensure you have inputted your e-mail and phone number correctly.

I haven’t received the verification link in my SMS, can I resend the request for verification link?

Yes, you can resend the verification code 3 times in 5 minutes. If you haven’t received the code, please wait for 5 minutes to then request the SMS for verification link again. You will get a new verification link for each SMS sent.

I inputted the wrong mobile number and can’t do the verification, how can I change my mobile number?

Please call Jenius Help at 1500 365 for further steps.

How can I make sure that the e-mail and SMS for verification is really from Jenius?

Please make sure that the e-mail you received is from [email protected] and SMS will be sent from JENIUS.

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