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About Sinaya Prioritas

What is a Sinaya Prioritas?

Sinaya Prioritas is a priority banking service with exclusive privileges to support your productive and progressive life. Consult or plan your financial goals with us. We will assist you to manage all your wealth and prepare it as a legacy to your loved ones.

What are the benefits of being a Sinaya Prioritas?

You will get privileges like:
● Free* 50x overseas ATM withdrawal if you’re using IDR as your source of account.
● Free 50x interbank transfer via Jenius App & domestic ATM.
● Dedicated Relationship Manager.
● Exclusive access to Sinaya Prioritas Lounge at BTPN Sinaya office branch.
● Reward points which can be redeemed into vouchers via Sinaya Gift app.
● Out-of-branch services to simplify any transactions.

*Note: Please make sure that the ATM machine is not charging any additional fee, because we are covering them.

How can I become a Sinaya Prioritas user?

To be a Sinaya Prioritas user, you must have and maintain a minimum total balance of IDR500,000,000 or above. To register there are 2 ways:

1. Receive an upgrade offer via Jenius app.
2. Call your Relationship Manager or you can go to BTPN Sinaya branch.

What am I supposed to do if my Sinaya Prioritas registration failed?

As long as your total balance is above IDR500,000,000, your Relationship Manager or a representative from BTPN Sinaya branch will call you to help continue the registration process.

What am I supposed to do after having a sufficient balance?

Find the invitation to become Sinaya Prioritas on Jenius app Home page. Fill in the form and agree to the terms and conditions. Your dedicated Relationship Manager will call you to verify, so make sure your phone number is active.

Is it possible to lose my Sinaya Prioritas status?

Yes, it is possible to lose your Sinaya Prioritas service if your Relationship Balance is below the required amount (less than IDR 500,000,000) for 6 consecutive months. BTPN reserves the discretion to remove access to Sinaya Prioritas service.

Will I get a new card for my Sinaya Prioritas?

Yes, you will get a virtual card to identify your Sinaya Prioritas status which is available on your Jenius app.

Can I use this card to make transactions?

No. You can show your Sinaya Priority Card at the Sinaya branch office to get privileges, such as enjoying our services without queuing.

Why can’t I see my Term Deposit/Mutual Fund/Bancassurance in Jenius app? (For Sinaya Customer)

Please contact your Relationship Manager to link your existing account to the Jenius app.

Do I have to create a new account to enjoy the Sinaya Prioritas service?

No, you can simply use your active Jenius account to enjoy Sinaya Prioritas services. If you don’t have one, please contact your Relationship Manager to help you.

Do I get a different bank statement?

You will get 2 different statements. Besides the e-statement that you can download directly through Jenius app, you will also get an Account Consolidation Report (LKR) that will be sent to your e-mail every month. Account Consolidation Report (LKR) contains a complete report of all accounts that you have at BTPN (not only Jenius).

Will there be a fee to enjoy Sinaya Prioritas service?

No, the service itself is free as long as you maintain your minimum balance required.

How much is the transfer fee when I run out of my free quota?

If you transfer money through SKN, then you will be charged IDR 2,900 per transaction. However this will be waived if you do the transaction via our Sinaya branch office.

If you transfer money through RTGS, then you will be charged IDR35,000 per transaction.

If you withdraw cash overseas, then you will be charged equivalent to IDR25,000 per transaction.

If you do interbank transfer through Real Time Online System, you will be charged IDR5,000 per transaction.

If you do cash withdrawal using Prima/Bersama network, you will be charged IDR7,500 per transaction.

If you do overseas cash withdrawal using Visa network, you will be charged IDR25,000 per transaction if you are using IDR as your source of account.

There could be an additional fee from certain banks if you are using international cash withdrawal.

For more info about cash withdrawal using foreign currency account, please access the table in Rates & Limit page.

What is the transaction limit for Sinaya Prioritas?

The transaction limit will follow the limit of your Jenius account. You can change the limit from the setting menu in your Jenius app.

Get the maximum limit up to IDR600,000,000 per day to do interbank transfer, with various transaction limit allocation as follow:

If you do interbank transfer through Real Time Online System, your maximum limit is IDR50,000,000 per transaction or IDR100,000,000 per day.

If you do interbank transfer through SKN/RTGS, your maximum limit is IDR 500,000,000 per transaction per day.

For more information, you can check the Rates & Limit page.

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