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What is a Business Account?

Business account is an additional account for Jenius users who has a business, and needs to manage personal and business finances separately from one application.

What is the difference between business account and personal account?

Jenius personal account is used to manage your personal finances. Jenius is now offering a solution for business owners to have a separated business and personal to manage your finances directly from one application.

What is the benefit of owning business account?

Jenius users who owns a business can have two accounts to manage business and personal finances separately from one application. They can also send money easily for business inquiries, make a transaction directly from the business account, and have a separated transaction history.

What is the requirements to have a business account?

To have a business account you must first have a personal account, since data from the personal account will be used to make a business account.

How do you add balance to business account?

“There are a few options to add balance to your business account, which are:

  1. Select Send to Business Account in Send It menu from personal account
  2. Transfer from other banks, input BTPN’s bank code (213) and input the account number of your business account. The account number of your business account can be checked in Jenius app, on the profile menu in business section
  3. Top up the balance with another bank debit card through the EDC machine that available at the nearest Jenius Location.
  4. Cash deposited at Jenius Live in Kota Kasablanka or through tellers at the BTPN Sinaya or Purnabakti branches.

Check Jenius Location and BTPN branches here

Will there be a fee when doing a transaction through business account?

External transactions or transfer to other banks through business account will use the monthly free transactions quota on your personal account. The number of free transactions will be determined by the combined of average balance from your personal and business account. But otherwise, internal transactions like moving balance from personal to business account or vice versa; as well as sending money to other Jenius account will not be charged, and will not use up the free transaction quota.

Will I get a new card for my business account?

The business account has a non-physical m-Card for ease of online transactions without credit card for all Visa merchants. m-Card for the business account will automatically be connectetd with Active Balance of the business account

How do I send money from my business account to my personal account?

You can send money between your personal and business account through a special / dedicated menu in Send It, which can be done through these steps:

  1. Select Send It
  2. Select Send to Personal
  3. Input the amount of money you want to send, and select Next
  4. Check the transaction information before pressing Send Money
Can I withdraw money from the ATM from business account?

No, you cannot. If you want to withdraw money from your business account balance, send money to your personal account first, then withdraw money from your personal account card.

Will Jenius Contacts from my personal account be copied to my business account contacts?

Jenius Contacts in the personal account is not connected with the contacts in business account. You have to re-add the contacts in the business account.

Where do I look for my account number for my business account?

You can view your account number for your business account in the Profile & Settings menu on Profile.

Does business account have a dedicated / seperated e-statement

Yes, e-statement of personal account ans business account will be seperated. You can access it through Profile & Settings menu in your business section

Do I have to use a different email address and password from my personal account?

No, email and password registered in your personal account will also be used for your business account

Does business account have the same $Cashtag with my personal account?

No, business account must have a different $Cashtag from your personal account. The requirements in making a $Cashtag are:

  1. Minimum of 3 characters
  2. Maximum of 15 characters
  3. No special symbol or characters
Will I receIve interest when opening a business account?

Yes, you will get an interest of 0.5% p.a. from your active balance on your business account

How much is the cost of activating business account?

There is no cost in activating business account. The detail of free transaction:
– Free of account opening fee
– Free of monthly administration fee
– Free of dormant account fee (no transactions within 6 months)
– Free of account closing fee
– Minimum balance to open an account is IDR0
– No minimum monthly balance

How much is the transfer fee when using the business account?

If you have free transactions quota (awards) from your personal account, then you will not be charged for interbank transfers. Although, it is important to take into consideration that free transactions quota is combined between personal and business account. The free transactions quota itself will be calculated based on the combined average balance of your personal and business account.

If you are doing transfer through SKN, then you will be charged IDR 2,900,- per transaction
If you are doing transfer through RTGS, then you will be charged IDR 25,000,- per transaction

What is the transaction fee with virtual m-Card of business account?

Debit transactions in e-commerce with the virtual m-Card from business account will not be charged any fee

What is the transaction limit for business account?

The transaction limit of your business account will follow the limit of your personal account, where the transaction limit is the total combination of your personal account and business account. You can also adjust the maximum transaction limit in your business account. You can change/lower the limit from Card Center menu on the business account section.

For more information, you can check the table in Rates & Limits page.

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