Jenius Cards

3 types of Jenius Debit Cards for different purposes



Main Debit Card

Your main Jenius Debit Card is called m-Card. With it, you can withdraw cash from any Visa or PRIMA/Bersama ATMs throughout Indonesia. You can also use your m-Card for online and offline transactions worldwide.



Virtual Debit Card

Your virtual debit card is called e-Card. Use it for online transactions such as purchasing from the App Store/Google Play, music streaming services and other merchants partnered with Visa.



Additional Debit Cards

Your additional debit card is called x-Card. It can be used to manage your expenses. Use x-Card for meals, shopping, transportation or even give one to someone you trust dearly.

All your savings in Jenius Debit Cards will receive a 1% p.a.

Manage your Cards

Control all your Jenius Debit Cards from the Card Center menu.


Use your Jenius Debit Cards for ATM cash withdrawals or online and offline transactions in all Visa merchants around the world.


Visa Offers + Perks

With Jenius, you have the benefit of gaining access to various offers and programs from Visa. Find your favorites here.

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Visa payWave

With Visa payWave, there's no need to enter your PIN when you make any payment or purchase using your Jenius Debit Cards. It's easy, fast and secure.

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Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN)

Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN) is an integrated system for all payment instruments (ATMs, debit cards, credit cards, e-money) and payment channels (ATMs, Electronic Data Capture machines (EDCs), agents and other payment channels) in Indonesia.

To support Bank Indonesia's program to create a more efficient, reliable and secure payment infrastructure, we are introducing Jenius x-Card GPN.

How long will it take for my Jenius Debit Cards to be delivered?

Estimate delivery of your Jenius Debit Card is between 2-14 days after you've finished registering.

You can, but to make your account more secure, we suggest you have two seperate PIN numbers for your Jenius Debit Card and Jenius app.

To see your e-Card transaction history, open your Jenius app and go to Card Center, then choose e-Card and open the transaction menu.

No, you can't change the name that is already printed on our m-Card.

Yes, you can request a new x-Card if you remove one of the previousy unused x-Cards.

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