Jenius Credit Card Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions of Jenius Credit Card (‘Terms and Conditions’) is valid and binding between Jenius Credit Cardholder and PT Bank BTPN (‘Bank’) in the issuance of Jenius Credit Card in the name of Cardholder.

This Terms and Conditions has been made in accordance to applicable regulations including Bank Indonesia Regulation and Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regulation.

Terms and Conditions, Interest Calculation Illustration, Fees and Penalties, and Services Information of Jenius Credit Card in detail and in full can be accessed through

1. Definition

  1. “Bank” is PT Bank BTPN Tbk, a legal entity established under Indonesian law and domiciled in Jakarta.
  2. “Fees” are fees that will be charged by Bank to the Cardholder in connection with the Jenius Credit Card account, including Annual Fee, Card Replacement Fee, and others. For the complete types and amounts of Fees, please visit
  3. “Interest” is an additional fee that will be charged if the Total Billing is not paid in full before the Due Date or if the Payment is received/booked after the Due Date. For the complete illustration of interest calculation, visit
  4. “Installment” or “Split Pay” is a fixed amount installment with a specific tenor that is selected by Cardholder, that originates from certain purchases or other transactions, and billed into the monthly Billing Statement.
  5. “Penalty” is a fee charged to Cardholder for some circumstances such as: Late Payment Penalty, Over Limit Fee, and others. The complete Penalty information is available at
  6. “Flexi Cash” is Jenius cash loan product for which the product features, and terms and conditions are set and governed in a separate Flexi Cash Terms and Conditions.
  7. “Working Day” is the operational day of Indonesian Banking, which is Monday to Friday, except for National Holiday or days that are deemed as Holiday by Bank Indonesia.
  8. “Jenius Credit Card” is a Card-Based Payment Instrument (APMK), which can be used to make payments that arise from a transaction, including to make cash withdrawals, where the card payment obligation is fulfilled first by the Bank and the Cardholder is obliged to make payments to the Bank in a lump sum or installments. The Jenius Credit Card consists of the Main Card (Primary Card, also known as d-Card in the Jenius application), and Supplementary Card, also known as s-Card in the Jenius application.
  9. “Communication” or “Communications” is every statement, request, instruction, notification, documents, recording or other form of communications (including verbal, written, and electronic).
  10. “Billing Statement” is the request for payment to Cardholder for a billing period to make payment before the Due Date, citing some information such as: transaction list, Total Billing, Minimum Due, and Due Date.
  11. “Limit” is the number of credit facilities provided by the Bank for Jenius Credit Card accounts, including any changes thereto from time to time.
  12. “Spending Limit” is a spending limit for Supplementary Cardholder which is determined by Primary Cardholder.
  13. “Single Purchase Limit” is the limit of Jenius Credit Card usage for a single transaction.
  14. “Combined Limit” is the credit facility provided by Bank to Cardholder for all Credit Card accounts, including any changes thereto from time to time.
  15. “Customer Limit” is the credit facilities sum provided by Bank to Cardholder that can be reallocated between Jenius Credit Cards and Flexi Cash based on applicable conditions, including any changes thereto from time to time
  16. “Validity Period” is the period where Cardholder can use Jenius Credit Card to make transaction.
  17. “Merchant” is provider of goods or services that accepts payment of transaction using Credit Card and/or Debit Card.
  18. “Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Machine” is an electronic device used as payment infrastructure for payment using Credit Card and/or Debit Card.
  19. “Overlimit” is the use of Jenius Credit Card higher than the Limit and/or Combined Credit Limit.
  20. “Payment” is every payment transaction for Jenius Credit Card Billing that has been received, booked, and posted in Bank BTPN’s accounting.
  21. “Minimum Payment” is the minimum payment due which has to be made by Cardholder before or on the Due Date to avoid Late Penalty and to not impact Cardholder’s collectability status on Financial Services Authority (OJK) Financial Information Services System (SLIK) or other credit bureaus.
  22. “Overdue Minimum Payment” is the Minimum Due from the previous month(s) that has not been paid up to the next Billing Cycle Date.
  23. “Retail Purchase” is a transaction to obtain goods or services for which the payment is made using Jenius Credit Card.
  24. “Notification” is a notification on changes about Jenius Credit Card Terms and Conditions that is conveyed from time to time, together in or separate from the Billing Statement and/or through or other Communications, which become one part and inseparable from this Terms and Conditions.
  25. “Cardholder” is: (i) authorized users of the Main Card (Primary Card, also known as d-Card in the Jenius application) as well as the owner of the Jenius Credit Card account or (ii) authorized users of the Supplementary Card, also known as s-Card on the Jenius application) from a Jenius Credit Card appointed and approved by the main Cardholder.
  26. “Issuer” is Bank or Institution other than Bank that issues Payment Instrument using Card (APMK). For Jenius Credit Card, the issuer is PT Bank BTPN Tbk.
  27. “PIN” is a personal identification number for every Cardholder’s account which can be used for all Retail Purchase transaction and/or Cash Advance at ATM.
  28. “Principal” is the institution responsible for the management of the payment system and/or network between its members, both as Issuer and/or Acquirer in Payment Instrument Using Card (AMPK) transaction for which the partnership with its members is based on the written agreement.
  29. “Jenius Account” is Jenius checking account (Active Balance) that is owned by Cardholder.
  30. “Due Date” is the date in Billing Statement that is the deadline by which Payment must be made and received effectively (posted) by Bank.
  31. “Billing Cycle Date” is the date when Billing Statement is generated and sent to Cardholder.
  32. “Posting Date” is the date when a transaction made is posted in Jenius Credit Card system.
  33. “Transaction Date” is the date when a transaction is made at Merchant or ATM (for Cash Advance transaction)
  34. “Cash Advance” is cash withdrawal in Rupiah or other currency (if done overseas) using Jenius Credit Card.
  35. “Total Billing” is the sum of: (Total Billing on the previous month) + (Retail Purchases, Cash Advance, Fixed Installment, Interest, Penalty, Fee) – (Payment and Credit) +/- Adjustments.
  36. “Yay Points” is point that is earned by Cardholder for retail purchases made using Jenius Credit Card which has such a feature.

2. Card Usage

  1. Jenius Credit Card is for the use of Cardholder only and may not be transferred to another person(s). Any consequence that arises due to negligence, carelessness, or for any usage or inappropriate usage of Jenius Credit Card by other party or without permission from Cardholder, is deemed fully as Cardholder’s responsibility.
  2. Jenius Credit Card can only be used for Retail Purchase transaction at Merchants that are part of the Principal’s network, or for Cash Advance transaction at participating ATM network with Administration Fee. According to Bank Indonesia Regulation, Cash Advance at Merchant is not allowed.
  3. In case the transaction is made using the Internet, then the following rules apply:
    1. If Cardholder uses Jenius Credit Card for online Retail Purchase through website or mobile application, Cardholder agrees that with the input of Jenius Credit Card information by Cardholder on the internet is a valid proof that Bank has been instructed to process the transaction using Jenius Credit Card.
    2. Cardholder is responsible for the usage of Jenius Credit Card owned by Cardholder regardless the party inputting the information is Cardholder or other party authorized by Cardholder and regardless of the circumstances of the transaction.
    3. Bank reserves the right not to process any transaction made through the internet if Bank has suspicion on the authenticity of the transaction, or if the transaction is deemed illegal, not prudent to be processed, or other reasons following Bank’s judgement and policy.
  4. If Cardholder fails to abide by this Terms and Conditions, or if Cardholder does not fulfill Cardholder’s payment responsibility owed to Bank, Bank reserves the right to:
    1. Decline all Retail Purchase and Cash Advance transaction made by Cardholder.
    2. Block all Jenius Credit Card issued under the name of Cardholder including the related Supplementary Card(s) and Jenius Flexi Cash facility, if applicable.
    3. Request to Cardholder to pay instantly all owed balance on the account including one that is not yet due.
    4. Not to refund the Annual Fee that has been paid.
  5. Jenius Credit Card account owned by Cardholder can have impact on the continuation of other credit facility(ies) given by Bank to Cardholder. In case of late payment on Jenius Credit Card, Credit Card and other credit facility(ies) may be blocked, and vice versa.
  6. Cardholder can use Jenius Credit Card for the full validity period of the Card. The validity ends on the last day of the month and year stated on Jenius App, except if Bank cancels the card or if Cardholder request to close the card in advance.
  7. Jenius Credit Card renewal is done automatically in a period leading to the card expiry date; however, Bank reserves the right not to extend the Jenius Credit Card with its own considerations and Cardholder will still be responsible for the repayment of outstanding bill on Jenius Credit Card at the latest by the Due Date.
  8. Cardholder is entitled to any facilities, features and other benefits provided by the Bank which will be notified to the Cardholder from time to time in a written notification and/or in other communication media.
  9. Cardholder agrees that in relation to facility(ies) provided by third party, Bank has the right to provide data, and to get information about Cardholder.

3. Contactless Feature

  1. Contactless Feature is a card feature where Jenius Credit Cardholder with contactless symbol can perform transaction without having to insert the card into EDC machine and without entering PIN, where customer cannot turn off this feature. To do contactless transaction, Cardholder must carry and tap the card to Contactless EDC machine.
  2. Ensure the transaction amount is ≤IDR1.000.000, Jenius Cardholder can do contactless feature without PIN. For transaction >IDR1.000.000, Jenius Cardholder must input PIN.
  3. If the Cardholder uses the Jenius Credit Card for Shopping with the Contactless feature, the Cardholder agrees that the Jenius Credit Card data information by the Cardholder using the Contactless feature is valid evidence that the Bank has been given instructions to process the Purchase using the Jenius Credit Card.
  4. Against the losses suffered by the Cardholder due to the use of the Jenius Credit Card, the Cardholder will release the Bank from any claims and/or lawsuits and/or disputes and/or liability for the use of the Jenius Credit Card by using the Contactless feature.

4. Recurring Bills Transaction

  1. Cardholder can register Jenius Credit card to other party using the Credit Card number and card expiry date. This is referred as Recurring Bills Instruction.
  2. If Cardholder gives Recurring Bills instruction to Merchant or service provider, Cardholder must contact Merchant or service provider to cancel the Recurring Bills Instruction. We suggest that you do the cancellation at the latest 15 (fifteen) working days prior to the next charging date. If there is no cancellation request, merchant has the right to bill to the registered Credit Card and Bank has the right to process the instruction.
  3. When cancelled, Cardholder is responsible for the recurring bills that has been cancelled.
  4. Please keep the proof of change or cancellation of the Recurring Bills Instruction. Cardholder can inquire to merchant or service provider if there is any inappropriate charging.
  5. If there are any changes on the Credit Card such as change of card number due to lost card, Cardholder must contact merchant or service provider to cancel the Recurring Bills Instruction or to update the card detail to the new Jenius Credit Card. If Cardholder does not cancel or update the card detail, Cardholder is giving power to Bank to do the following:
    1. Provide a new Jenius Credit Card number to update instructions; or
    2. Apply the Recurring Bills Instruction to the new card details and thus the Recurring Bills Instruction can be continued to the new card unless the Cardholder notifies the Bank to stop the instruction.
  6. Before doing Recurring Bills Instruction, Cardholder must ensure Limit availability for the related card. If the limit is insufficient, the recurring payment transaction can, but not must, be posted and billed according to prevailing regulation, including if the transaction causes Overlimit status which will result in the relevant penalty.
  7. Bank reserves the right to cancel all Recurring Bills Instruction if there is any dispute between Cardholder and Merchant or service provider.

5. Personal Identification Number (PIN) and One-Time Password (OTP)

  1. Cardholder must create PIN as part of Jenius Credit Card activation process through Jenius App. Cardholder can change PIN for Jenius Credit Card using Jenius App. PIN is valid independently for each Jenius Credit Card, namely Main Card and each Supplementary Card(s).
  2. Cardholder must keep secret the PIN and must not inform it to any other party in any way or method. Any consequence that arises due to negligence or carelessness or for any misuse or inappropriate use of PIN by other party with or without permission from Cardholder is deemed as fully Cardholder’s responsibility.
  3. For transaction at some e-commerce, the payment process will ask Cardholder to enter OTP on the payment page. Cardholder must keep secret the OTP and must not inform it to any other party in any way or method. Any consequence that arises due to negligence or carelessness or for any misuse or inappropriate use of PIN by other party with or without permission from Cardholder is deemed as fully Cardholder’s responsibility.

6. Yay Points

  1. Cardholders will get Yay Points for shopping transactions using the Jenius Credit Card.
  2. Cash Advance and Recurring Bills do not earn Yay Points.
  3. Yay Points can be redeemed for rewards according to Yay Points rewards catalog on Jenius App. Yay Points redemption can only be done through Jenius App.
  4. If not used, Yay Points will expire in 24 months since the Yay Points is issued.
  5. Bank reserves the right to change, add, reduce, and stop the Yay Points program, for points earning or redemption, with prior notification to Cardholder.
  6. Bank reserves the right to deny Yay Points redemption in case of Cardholder in violation of this Terms and Conditions, or Cardholder has ended/closed the respective Jenius Credit Card or in delinquent status, or under risk mitigation program or payment restructuring program and other similar program. /li>

7. Limit

  1. Bank reserves the right to determine Limit, and the right to change or cancel Limit at any time based on Bank’s policy, including if credit quality of Cardholder at Bank’s system or Financial Services Authority (OJK) Financial Information Services System (SLIK) deteriorates.
  2. Bank fully reserves the right to accept or decline Jenius Credit Card transaction whose usage has or will cause overage of Limit that has been set. In the case where Bank accepts Jenius Credit Card transaction that causes overage of the Limit or Credit Card Limit, Bank will assess applicable Penalty
  3. Cardholder at any time has the right to request for temporary Limit increase to Bank. Bank has the right to approve or decline such request. For further information regarding Limit increase request, please contact Jenius Help or Jenius Service Point.
  4. Jenius Credit Card Limit can be reallocated to Jenius Flexi Cash Limit (and vice versa), subject to prevailing policy, through Jenius App.

8. Billing and Payment

  1. Every month Bank will issue and send Billing Statement to email address registered in Jenius App, and this Billing Statement can also be downloaded through Jenius App.
  2. Cardholder must make Payment at least for the amount of Minimum Due before the Due Date to keep Jenius Credit Card in Current status.
  3. If the due date falls on a holiday, the due date will be shifted to the next working day.
  4. Minimum Payment
    1. If the Total Bill is > IDR 50,000, then the Minimum Payment Calculation is whichever is greater between:
      • Amount of (Minimum Payment Percentage according to Applicable Regulations x Total Bills – Fixed Installments) + Fixed Installments + Minimum Payments in Arrears OR
      • IDR 50.000,- + Minimum Payment in Arrears
    2. If the Total Billing Amount is < 50,000, the Minimum Payment is the same as the Total Billing. The Minimum Payment Arrears is the part of the previous month's Minimum Payment that has not been paid until the printing date of the Billing Statement of the following month.
  5. Interest will be charged when:
    1. Payment made is less than full payment of Total Billing Amount
    2. Payment received after Due Date
    3. All Cash Advance Transaction
  6. Interest is calculated based on Posting Date
  7. In accordance to prevailing regulation, Stamp Duty is assessed for payment made as follow:
    1. Payment ≤ 5.000.000,- IDR is exempt from Stamp Duty
    2. Payment > 5.000.000,- IDR (accumulated payment per billing period), is subject to Stamp Duty of 10.000,- IDR.
  8. Late Payment Penalty is assessed if Payment is received and posted after the Due Date or received before the Due Date but less than Minimum Payment.
  9. Payment received will be allocated in the following order:
    1. First, Fee, and Penalty
    2. Second, the remaining Payment at minimum 60% (sixty percent) for the fulfillment of the main obligations of the transaction; and
    3. Third, Interest.
  10. All amount owed by Cardholder to Bank will be billed and become the responsibility of Cardholder and/or his/her Warrantor, Guarantor, Curator, Trustee, or Beneficiary, in the case Cardholder is warranted, guaranteed, bankrupt, in trusteeship or deceased, in observance of prevailing regulation.
  11. Retail Purchase and/or Cash Advance in foreign currency will be billed in Rupiah. Exchange rate charged to Cardholder is the exchange rate determined by Visa International / MasterCard International/other Principal and exchange rate determined by Bank. Cardholder agree to accept the risk if there is a difference in exchange rate in the case of refund and/or cancellation of transaction in foreign currency. Exchange rate is determined based on Posting Date, not Transaction Date.
  12. Jenius Credit Card Payment can be done by:
    1. Automatic Payment Menu of Jenius Credit Card on Jenius App
    2. Manual Payment Menu of Jenius Credit Card on Jenius App
    3. Bank BTPN ATMs
    4. Transfer from other bank
  13. Cardholders can also register to make Auto Repayment on the Jenius application, where the Jenius Cardholder account will be immediately deducted on the Jenius Credit Card Due date, according to the amount chosen by the Cardholder (Minimum Payment or Full Payment). In the event that the balance in the Jenius account is insufficient, the Bank will:
    1. Debit for the amount available in the Jenius Account
    2. Retry the debit for 5 consecutive days until the minimum payment is fulfilled
    3. Make a debit at 17:00 WIB. The customer must ensure the availability of funds so that the debit can be carried out successfully.
  14. If the source of payment is from banking account under the name of other than Primary Cardholder, Bank reserves the right to request and verify the identity of the account owner to the Cardholder and to block the Jenius Credit Card (if necessary) in relation to anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention.

9. Collectibility Status

  1. Collectability “Current” is the condition of Jenius Credit Card that is paid for the amount that meets or exceeds the Minimum Payment on or before the Due Date.
  2. Collectability “Special Mention” is the condition of Jenius Credit Card that has not been paid between 1-90 calendar days after the Due Date
  3. Collectability “Substandard” is the condition of Jenius Credit Card that has not been paid between 91-120 calendar days after the Due Date.
  4. Collectability “Doubtful” is the condition of Jenius Credit Card that has not been paid between 121-180 calendar days after the Due Date, or Bank at any time finds indication that Cardholder does not have good intention to make payment for Jenius Credit Card.
  5. Collectability “Bad” is the condition of Jenius Credit Card that has not been paid more than 180 calendar days after the Due Date, or Bank at any time finds indication that Cardholder does not have good intention to make payment for Jenius Credit Card.
  6. If Jenius Credit Card in collectability status of other then “Current”, Bank will 1) charge Penalty and Interest 2) do collection effort to Cardholder 3) perform Jenius Credit Card blocking 4) Bill all overdue Jenius Credit Card balance, including unbilled and/or not yet paid in full.
  7. If any, Remaining Principle of Fixed Installment will be billed all at once on Billing Statement if Cardholder is delinquent for more than 60 calendar days after the Due Date.
  8. Bank has the right to set collectability status of Cardholder based on Bank’s assessment towards all credit facility owned by Cardholder to then be informed to related parties.

10. Rights and Responsibilities of Cardholder

  1. Rights of Cardholder
    1. Cardholder, in accordance to Cardholder eligbility determined by Bank, has the right to facility, feature, and benefit of Jenius Credit Card that are provided by Bank, and will be informed to Cardholder from time to time in written notification and/or in other communication media.
    2. Cardholder has the right to request to copy of sales draft for the usage of Jenius Credit Card for every Retail Purchase or Cash Advance transaction in 45 (forty-five) days since the Billing Cycle Date that records that transaction, subject to Fee
    3. Cardholder has the right to request transaction summary in form of softcopy for the last 1 (one) year, subject to Fee.
  2. Responsibilities of Cardholder:
    1. Cardholder is responsible to make Payment in accordance to clauses on Billing and Payment, or as otherwise determined by Bank in written notification.
    2. Cardholder is responsible to ensure the usage of Jenius Credit Card to not exceed the Credit Limit and/or Combined Limit.
    3. Cardholder is responsible for all transactions that are processed with Jenius Credit Card, except in the case of criminal act of card forgery or in the case of lost/stolen Jenius Credit Card that has been reported to Bank according to the procedure that has been set.

11. Rights and Responsibilities of Bank

  1. The use of information
    1. Bank has the right to request, verify, use, and store information and copy of identity documents of every Cardholder, in relation to credit analysis, fraud analysis, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, or in conjunction to providing service to Cardholder.
    2. Bank has the right to input Cardholders personal information to Bank’s internal marketing list, or to provide it to a third party who is business partner and in contractual agreement with Bank as the provider of Product/Service that will be offered to Cardholder. Regarding this, Cardholder will receive additional information about the product(s) and/or service(s) and/or feature(s) that will be communicated by Bank or Bank’s partner. In the case Cardholder no longer wishes to receive any offer of product/service provided by Bank or Bank’s partner, Cardholder may contact Jenius Help or Jenius Service Point to request exclusion from this clause.
    3. Bank has the right to give and reveal Cardholder’s personal information to third party who is service provider, consultant, auditor, subcontractor, agent, merchant, part of a transaction that has interest or bear risk in relation to Jenius Credit Card usage, or other third party, that are in or outside the country, including but not limited for the purpose of identification, verification, and data validation of Cardholder, risk management purpose, in the context of transfer, sale, merger, or acquisition Bank’s business and/or for other purpose required by bank, so long it does not violate applicable regulation and laws.
  2. Information disclosure and data update.
    1. In accordance to applicable to law and regulation, Bank has the right to disclose Cardholder’s personal information, transaction and collectability status to:
      1. Other Credit Card Issuer institution or to central information management that is organized by Financial Services Authority (OJK) or other similar credit bureau. In this, the central information management organized by Financial Services Authority (OJK) or similar credit bureau is allowed to have Cardholder’s personal information, transaction, and collectability status.
      2. Other party, domestic or overseas, which includes: i. authoritative agencies such as tax agency, court of law, or other party with authorization ii. Other party as an outsource of bank’s function in which case the Cardholder can be contacted by that party in relation to Jenius Credit Card process. iii. Main Office, Branch, Bank’s affiliates, Bank’s subsidiary, including employee, director, and official or agency that has been given authority by Bank.
    2. Bank has the right to contact and/or disclose information and request for information from third party that are registered in Bank’s internal system and/or other third party that represents Cardholder or acts as the guarantor of Cardholder, and/or social media and/or other official information source to meet obligation towards Bank in doing data update of Cardholder in accordance to applicable law and regulation. Cardholder agree that the address recorded in Bank’s administrative system and/or that is obtained in doing Cardholder data update becomes Cardholders billing address. In the case of overdue Jenius Credit Card billing that has not been paid, Bank reserves the right to use that billing address to do collection effort and/or other communication needs.
  3. Bank reserves the right to keep record of transactions on Jenius Credit Card and Cardholder agrees that the record in Bank’s system is valid and binding to Cardholder for all purposes in relation to the administration of Jenius Credit Card.
  4. Bank reserves the right to at any time block Jenius Credit Card in cases such as:
    1. Cardholder:
      • violates this Terms and Conditions and/or Bank’s other regulation;
      • has indication to have been involved in criminal activity and/or suspicious transaction and/or perform Cash Withdrawal at Merchant;
      • is in trusteeship, under the postponement of obligation to pay debt (PKPU), and/or bankrupt;
      • is under asset seizure;
      • is deceased, that the obligation has to be settled by the beneficiary;
      • has declared to end and/or close Jenius Credit Card;
      • has given information, data, or document that are incorrect, illegal, or false;
      • has reported lost/damaged Jenius Credit Card verbally or written to Bank, and Bank has received such report;
      • has performed transaction or action that detrimental to Bank.
    2. Bank must follow direction from government’s agency or institution, or court of law authority; or/li>
    3. To follow Bank’s internal policy
  5. In order to comply with the precautionary principle and the application of credit risk management, the Bank has the right to transfer and/or debit and use funds in an account in the name of the Main Cardholder at any branch of the Bank at any time, for the settlement of overdue Jenius Credit Card bill with notification.
  6. Bank reserves the right to, at any time, transfer to any third party all Bank’s rights in relation to Jenius Credit Card collection with written notification to respective Cardholder.
  7. Bank reserves the right to close/end Jenius Credit Card with written notification to Cardholder, if according to data recorded in Bank’s system in the last 24 months there is no Retail Purchase, or Cash Advance from ATM, or Payment to Cardholder’s Jenius Credit Card.
  8. Bank reserves the right to change all and/or every feature that is embedded to all and/or each type of Jenius Credit Card in accordance to business development. This change can happen at any time according to Bank’s policy and will be reviewed periodically, with the conveyance of written notification.

12. Lost or Stolen Jenius Credit Card

  1. Card that is broken, lost, or stolen during the card validity period can be requested to be replaced by Bank. Cardholder will be charged Fee for the card replacement for the amount set by Bank, but Bank, with its own judgement, reserves the right not to issue a replacement card that has been reported lost/stolen, including for reason Cardholder is in delinquency for more than 30 (thirty) Days Past Due since the Billing Cycle Date.
  2. If there a card is lost or stolen, Cardholder must at once perform card blocking on Jenius App. If Cardholder cannot access Jenius App, Cardholder can report the lost and stolen card to Bank through Jenius Help service or Jenius Service Point, and upon the acceptance of such report, Bank will immediately perform card blocking on Jenius Credit Card.
  3. Cardholder has the obligation and is fully responsible for every loss that incurs, including the billing of Retail Purchase and/or Cash Advance and/or Jenius Credit Card misuse that happens due to lost/stolen Jenius Credit Card, including the main card and supplementary card, before the card blocking in Jenius App, or Lost/Stolen Card report through Jenius Help and Jenius Service point is made.
  4. Cardholder agrees and willing to be held responsible for all transaction using Jenius Credit Card where the verification is performed towards the validity of Cardholder’s PIN.
  5. Bank has the right not to issue a replacement card in the event that the Cardholder is in arrears for Payment of Total Bills. The Cardholder agrees to pay the outstanding Total Billing balance before a replacement card can be issued.

13. Ending/Closure and Blocking of Jenius Credit Card

  1. Cardholder has the right to request to end/close Jenius Credit Card by submitting the request through Jenius Help service.
  2. Bank will perform the blocking of Jenius Credit Card since the receipt of request of Jenius Credit Card Ending/Closure by Cardholder. Jenius Credit Card is ended/closed after all obligation, including ones already posted or not yet posted, has been paid by Cardholder. In case of obligation that has not yet been posted that the time of Jenius Credit Card ending/closure due to late transaction posting by Merchant, Bank reserves the right to do collection effort in accordance to Visa International/MasterCard International/Other principal(s) regulation, and Cardholder is responsible to pay off that obligation. After all obligation has been paid by Cardholder, Bank will process the ending/closure of Jenius Credit Card in maximum 1×24 hours on working day. The ending/closure of Jenius Credit Card will automatically end/close also all supplementary card(s), if any. Annual Fee that has been paid will not be returned to Cardholder.
  3. Bank will return the credit balance, if any, on Jenius Credit Card, at the time of Jenius Credit Card ending/closure to Cardholder’s Jenius Active Balance.
  4. Bank has the right to block the use of the Jenius Credit Card by the Cardholder if, according to the Bank’s consideration, the Cardholder has used the Jenius Credit Card in violation of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable laws and regulations and/or takes action and / or transactions that may harm the Bank. The Bank also has the right not to extend a Jenius Credit Card that has not or whose Validity Period has expired in accordance with the Bank’s considerations and policies with due observance of the prevailing laws and regulations. The Bank is not obliged to provide reasons for blocking or not extending the Jenius Credit Card Validity Period to the Cardholder. Cardholders are still required to carry out Payment obligations in accordance with the provisions of Article 8. Billing and Payments.
  5. In the case of ending/closure and blocking of Jenius Credit Card, Cardholder must pay all remaining balance, including the ones already due or not yet due, and also must destroy Jenius Credit Card that has been ended/closed. In case Cardholder has not yet pay off all remaining balance in the time window that has been agreed, Cardholder agrees that the ending/closure of Jenius Credit Card is cancelled, and the Terms and Conditions of Jenius Credit Card is still valid for Cardholder.
  6. Cardholder with this gives irrevocable power to Bank, at any time, to debit and use and/or end/close and/or block Jenius Credit Card and/or transfer from Cardholder’s funding account with notification, for the payment or all Cardholder’s obligation in conjunction with Jenius Credit Card. The power to debit and use and/or end/close and block ends when Jenius Credit Card has been ended/closed and blocked and no more obligation from Cardholder to Bank that still have to be fulfilled. Cardholder, with this, sets aside Section 1813 and Section 1816 of the Indonesia Civil Code regarding the ending of power of authority and establishment of new power of authority.
  7. Cardholder with this declare to be fully free from any charge and/or litigation in any form from any third party in relation to the charging and usage and/or ending/closure and blocking of Jenius Credit Card. Cardholder, with this, binds himself/herself and promises to fully cooperate with Bank and/or helps if and when Bank executes any actions stated above, and promises not to perform any act to limit or diminish Bank’s rights based on this Terms and Conditions.

14. Complaint and Dispute

  1. Cardholder can file complaint or dispute for anything regarding Jenius Credit Card in writing or verbally through Jenius Help or Jenius Service Point. Cardholder must cite or mention Jenius Credit Card number as reference number for every complaint and dispute submitted to Bank.
  2. Complaint or dispute for items listed on Billing Statement, including request for transaction correction (transaction dispute), request for waiver of Interest, Penalty, and/or Fee, can be filed by Cardholder at the latest 30 (thirty) calendar days since the Billing Cycle Date. Complaint and dispute that are filed after 30 (thirty) calendar days become the responsibility of Cardholder fully. Before decision is made on the complaint, dispute or waiver request, Cardholder must at least make the Minimum Payment before the Due Date.
  3. In the case Cardholder file complaint or dispute in writing, the complaint or dispute must include copy of personal identity and other supporting document(s). In case Cardholder file the complaint or dispute verbally, Bank will resolve it in 5 (five) Working Days. But if the verbal complaint or dispute cannot be resolved in that period, Bank will ask Cardholder or the valid legal representative to file a written complaint or dispute along with the supporting documents. Written complaint will be resolved at the latest 20 (twenty) Working Days since the receipt date of the written complaint and can be extended for another 20 (twenty) Working Days with written notification to Cardholder or his/her legal representative.
  4. Cardholder promises, at his/her own expense, to resolve every dispute with Merchant if there is any dispute regarding the goods and services provided by Merchant, and Cardholder releases Bank fully from responsibility on the goods or services provided by Merchant, or due to Merchant’s objection to return or refund the Jenius Credit Card Purchase amount to Cardholder’s account. This does not exempt Cardholder’s obligation to make Payment.
  5. In the case of unresolved dispute, Cardholder has the option to resolve the dispute through court of law or outside court of law. Resolution outside court of law is conducted through alternative arbitration agency that has been appointed by OJK, that is LAPS SJK (Alternative Agency for Dispute Resolution for Financial Services Sector)
  6. Cardholder is obligated to pay all expenses to Bank, including for advocate or lawyer that are spent with objective to request and/or demand the recovery of every billing that are due from a Jenius Credit Card. Bank can charge the cost of advocate or lawyer to Cardholder, except if the dispute is due to Bank’s error or negligence.
  7. Bank can refuse to receive complaint if (i) Cardholder and/or Cardholder’s representative has not complete document requirements in a time period that has been set, (ii) the Complaint has been resolved by Bank in accordance to Financial Services Authority (OJK) regulation, (iii) the Complaint is not related with material loss and/or potential loss, reasonable and direct as stated in agreement and/or financial transaction document and/or (iv) the Complaint is not related to financial transaction issued by Bank.

15. Language

In case this Term and Condition is available in English, the English version is deemed as translation only and should any discrepancy occur in the interpretation between the Bahasa Indonesia text and the English text, the prevailing text is Bahasa Indonesia.

16. Prevailing Law

This Term and Condition is made and executed based on laws and regulations that are applicable in the Republic of Indonesia.

17. Notification of Data Update

  1. Cardholder must inform Bank for every change such as residential address, office address, phone number, occupation, industry, or other data related to Cardholder’s personal information, including if Cardholder decides to reside outside of Indonesia. In the case Cardholder does not inform Bank of the things mentioned above, then the previous data recorded in Bank’s database is valid and binding for all purpose in relation to Jenius Credit Card.
  2. If there is any loss or fraud due to Cardholder’s negligence to inform Bank of such data mentioned in 17.1 above, the loss will be deemed as fully Cardholder’s responsibility.

18. Communication

  1. Cardholder agrees that Bank can send Communication in any form to Cardholder through Jenius App, or through email address or phone number/cell phone of Cardholder that are registered to Bank, or to last known address of Cardholder registered at Bank (including residential address or occupation address).
  2. In case of change of Cardholder’s address, change of Cardholder’s email, and/or change Cardholder’s phone/cell phone number without prior notification by Cardholder, Bank is not responsible if the Communication sent is not received by Cardholder for the reason above. Therefore, Cardholder must always update his/her data and inform Bank when there is any change(s).
  3. Cardholders agree that any Communication given or needed to be conveyed to Cardholder from Bank, including the delegation of authority by Cardholder to Bank (not mandatory) can be done through:
    1. Jenius App
    2. Phone or Jenius Help Service
    3. Electronic Media
    4. (Jenius Website)
  4. In case Communication is conducted through phone or Jenius Help service, Cardholder agrees that Bank will record the conversation between Cardholder and Bank.
  5. Cardholder may do Communication through his/her choice of communication media and responsible for all cost and expenditure that incur in relation to the Communication made.
    To increase transaction security of Cardholder, Bank will send notification for transactions made by Cardholder.

19. Revision of Terms and Conditions

  1. Cardholder acknowledges, understand and agrees that Bank, from time to time, based on Bank’s initiative, can revise and amend Jenius Credit Card Terms and Conditions with written notification, including the terms, type and amount of fees and penalties, and/or other things in this Terms and Conditions and/or in written notification and/or in Billing Statement, by providing written notification or announcement at the latest 30 (thirty) working days before the change is effective on the date as stated by Bank, except in the case of following applicable law and regulations.
  2. In the case where the Cardholder does not agree with the change, the Cardholder concerned may submit a statement of his objection to the Bank within 7 (seven) Business Days from the date the notification is sent and/or announced. In the event that the Cardholder who expresses objection states that he voluntarily terminates/closes the Jenius Credit Card on behalf of the Cardholder, the Bank will terminate/close the Jenius Credit Card on behalf of the Cardholder and the Cardholder must previously settle the entire amount owed by him to the Bank.
  3. If after the effective date of the revision as stated in the notification is delivered and/or announced by Bank, Cardholder does not file an objection and continues to use Jenius Credit Card after the revision is effective, Cardholder hereby stating his/her agreement for the abovementioned change and hereby stating to abide to all the changes without exception.
  4. Every revision, improvement, or addition of this Term and Condition is considered as one unity and as an inseparable part from this Terms and Conditions.

20. Other Terms

  1. Credit Balance owned by Cardholder can be returned based on Cardholder’s initiative and Bank’s Initiative. In the case of Ending/Closure of Jenius Credit Card, if there is credit balance, Bank will return the Credit Balance to Cardholder’s Jenius Account. Jenius Credit Card account is not a product designed and intended to store fund with the existence of Credit Balance or Excess Payment. Jenius Cardholder may not purposefully make payment that causes Jenius Credit Card account to be in Credit Balance or Excess Payment status. If Bank receive payment in excess of the amount due on Jenius Credit Card account, or in a condition where Jenius Credit Card account involuntarily become in Credit Balance status, for example, in the case of refund of a transaction, Cardholder is obligated to contact Bank to file for Credit Balance return to Cardholder’s Jenius Account.
  2. Partial Invalidity: if one or more terms in this Term and Condition are deemed invalid or in contradiction with applicable law and regulation, other terms that are in this Term and Condition will still be applicable and binding to Cardholder and Bank, while the terms that are deemed invalid will be replaced with terms with equal in purpose with what is deemed as invalid terms.