Terms and Conditions

(The Indonesian version of these Terms and Conditions is the correct basis and reference for any inconsistency found in the English version)

Your instructions will be received by us digitally.

  • All your banking instructions will come from mobile application or online.
  • You will be required to authorize your instructions using various types of security information (e.g. PIN, username, password, and token) when necessary. You are solely responsible for the use and the confidentiality of all the security information used for the transaction. Please ensure that you do not share your security information to other parties including the bank staff.
  • After the authorization process is completed, we will then execute your instructions.
  • You understand and agree on the use of electronic delivery methods to transmit the customer data and any risks associated with it. You declare that you agree to exempt the Bank from any loss that may occur.

Your security is guaranteed.

  • According to the rules of OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/Indonesian Financial Services Authority), you will be required to provide personal data when opening an account in our bank.
  • Please ensure that the information provided is correct and accurate. Please kindly update your information when there are changes to your personal information.
  • We ensure that your personal data will be kept confidential and secure. The use of your personal data will comply with the applicable provision.
  • You are obliged to inform and provide data updates to the Bank. The changes will only apply if they have been accepted and/or approved by the Bank. In the event that the Bank has not received any information regarding the data changes, the Bank will use the existing Customer Data recorded in the Bank’s system.
  • You shall accept any consequences and/or losses which may arise from the Customer negligence in updating the Data to the Bank.

We understand you.

  • We will always inform youabout any of our products/services, including the changes in our Terms and Conditions according to the applicable provisions.
  • We have the table of transaction fees available on our website at Rates & Limits. We have created the list briefly so that you can understand it easily.
  • For a mutual understanding between you and the bank, please read through the entire Terms and Conditions or any other provisions on our site at www.jenius.com according to the specific service you may obtain so that you hereby acknowledge that you have read the entire Terms and Conditions when you apply for the service, and you understand and fully agree to all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to the terms and/or contents of these Terms and Conditions, or cannot fully understand the interpretation of these terms, then please do not continue to follow these Terms and Conditions.
  • For further questions or input regarding Jenius, Jenius Help (1-500-365) is available to serve you 24/7. By using Jenius Help service you hereby allow the Bank to take notes or record your conversations with the Bank.

I. Definition

  1. “Bank” is PT Bank BTPN Tbk., located in South Jakarta, covering the head office and branch offices, as well as other offices and Customer Care.
  2. “Jenius” is a product of electronic banking service produced by the Bank.
  3. “Account” is each and all accounts opened independently by the Customer upon obtaining approval from the Bank.
  4. “Customer” means an individual registered with Jenius.
  5. “Cashtag” is the customer’s personal, unique, and safe identification that serves as the Jenius name and Account in the Bank.
  6. “Main Account” is a bank account used for daily banking transactions and linked to a debit card that is issued physically and known as the “m-Card”.
  7. “Flexi Saver” is an additional saving account, which is a flexible saving account where the Customer can freely deposit and withdraw their money without being a subject to terms concerning the time period.
  8. “Dream Saver” is an additional saving account in which the target fund and the target date are set by the Customer.
  9. “Maxi Saver” is a term deposit product/funding that can be withdrawn by Customer in tenor set by Customer.
  10. “E-Card” is a virtual card that is activated simultaneously with the Main Account. The e-Card is specially designed for online transactions such as for online shopping at e-commerce sites. Customer can determine the amount of funds put into the card.
  11. “X-Card” is an additional card that can be requested by the customer as an addition to the Main Card (m-Card). Customer can determine the amount of funds put into the card.
  12. “Mobile Application (Jenius app)” is a downloaded and installed Jenius application on the customer’s smartphone.
  13. “Internet Banking” refers to the Jenius internet banking that can be accessed through the web browser.
  14. “Login Fingerprint (One Touch)” or “Face Recognition/Face ID”is a method used by the customer for login to the Mobile App that is only available for customers whose smartphones are equipped with the fingerprint scanner feature.
  15. “Jenius Live” is a customer service point in the form of flagship branch, standalone branch, shop-in-shop, exhibition, and/or other similar forms.
  16. “ATM” is the Automatic Teller Machine.“TCR” is the Teller Cash Recycler machine located at the Jenius Live locations selected by the Bank. TCR can be used to make a cash deposit or cash withdrawal.
  17. “TCR” is a Teller Cash Recycler machine that is located at selected Jenius Live determined by the Bank. TCR can be used for cash deposits and cash withdrawals.
  18. “CDM” is the Card Dispensing Machine that is located at selected Jenius Live determined by the Bank.
  19. “Customer Care (Jenius Help)”is a customer service center that can be contacted through phone calls, email, and/or chat.
  20. “Device” refers to all electronic, wireless, communication, transmission, or telecommunication tools, hardware or media including and not limited to the Internet, computer or mobile tools, devices, terminal or system that may be required to access and use Jenius.

II. Conditions of Use

  1. The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to register to Jenius:

    1. Be at least 17 years old or more;
    2. Have the authority to take legal action to sign a binding agreement with the bank and is not prohibited to do so under the applicable laws, and
    3. An Indonesian Citizen.
  2. Registration can only be made using the Mobile App which can be downloaded through the Apple store and Google play store. Therefore, the (prospective) customers have to own smartphone with minimum criteria set by the Bank and have active and valid Indonesian phone number to get the text that will be sent by the Bank.
  3. As part of the registration process, the Indonesian ID Card (KTP) and Tax ID (NPWP) have to be uploaded in the form of photos and be submitted using smartphone camera through the Mobile App. However, the Tax ID (NPWP) information can be submitted later after Customer finishes the registration process. If the Tax ID information has not been submitted to the Bank during the registration process, the information must be submitted to the Bank within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the initial registration using the Mobile App in the Edit Profile menu.
  4. As a precondition, the customer has to provide an active personal email address that has a sufficient capacity to receive an email that will be sent by Jenius. The Bank is not responsible for the validity, ownership, activity, and the capacity of the e-mail address.
  5. After the registration process is completed through the Mobile App, the Main Account will be opened by the Bank. In the beginning, the Main Account will not be active, which means that the customer can only store and/or transfer fund to the Main Account. Other activities such as money withdrawal and/or money transfer from the account can only be performed after the Bank has completed the verification process in accordance to the Bank’s policy and the applicable law, and the Account status is fully active.
  6. If the request to open the Main Account is rejected by the bank after the verification process, the Main Account will be closed automatically. If there is any fund left in the Main Account, including in the Flexi Saver, Dream Saver, e-Card, and other facilities, the bank will return all the available fund (with no cost and/or interest) by transferring the fund to another Customer’s bank account at BTPN or other banks as instructed by the Customer. The bank will contact the Customer through email and/or phone call to get the information needed for the account.
  7. M-Card (debit card) will be sent by the Bank by post or through a courier service appointed by the Bank to the registered address or can be collected if the registration process is completed at the Jenius Live. After receiving the m-Card, the customer has to use the Mobile App to activate the card and create the PIN before the card can be used at the Bank’s ATM and other partners’ ATM (Bersama/Prima/Visa network). In the event the customer blocks the m-Card, the request for a replacement card will be automatically submitted and the replacement card will be sent by post or through the courier service assigned by the Bank to the Customer’s registered address.
  8. The m-Card (or the replacement card issued the by Bank) can also be used as a proof of ownership of the customer’s account. If the m-Card is lost, the customer is required to report it according to the bank’s policy. All the transactions happened before the loss or the theft report legally accepted by the Bank are solely the responsibility of the user. According to the bank’s policy, the M-card will be terminated or deemed invalid if the main account is closed.
  9. The m-Card, x-Card, and e-Card can be used as means of payment for transactions performed in all merchants registered as part of the Visa and Debit Prima networks.
  10. Transaction fees will be charged for cash withdrawals conducted using networks outside of the Bank’s registered ATM networks (e.g. ATM Bersama, ATM Prima or Visa Plus) based on the applicable Bank’s policies.
  11. Transactions of exchanging (buying/selling) foreign currencies using Jenius application can only be carried out during the operating hours of foreign currency exchange feature, which is from 08.00 to 16.00 WIB. Outside the operation hours, Customers cannot exchange foreign currency using Jenius application.
  12. All of the customer’s transactions will use the Rupiah as the base currency. The use of foreign currencies for transactions will be preceded by a currency conversion to Rupiah and will be based on the exchange rate determined by the Bank.
  13. When the customer transfers/withdraws money through an ATM with a different currency than the customer’s account, the Bank has the right to convert the currency using the exchange rate at the moment the conversion happens. The customer understands and fully responsible for the risk of exchange rate fluctuation related to the conversion.
  14. The customer agrees to release the Bank from all losses, liability, claims, and expense (including the legal fees) that may arise in relation to the execution of customer’s instructions, except in the case when the customer can prove otherwise and/or the transaction is wrongly executed by the Bank.
  15. The debiting and crediting of an account are executed by the deposit/withdrawal of cash, in/out fund transfer, debit card transactions, or by other means provided by the Bank based on the customer’s instruction.
  16. The Main Account is the center of the customers’ association with Jenius, and in the event that the Main Account is closed, all the additional accounts and other services related to the customer’s Jenius Main Account will also be terminated.
  17. The Customer can close the account by contacting the Customer Care and/or visiting the Jenius Live.
  18. The Customer agrees that the Bank holds the right to close, block, or freeze the customer’s accounts and/or banking services/facilities, as well as to charge the customer for administration fees and other charges arising from the account closure, in the event the following cases occur:

    1. One of the customer’s Accounts believed has been misused, including but not limited to accommodate and/or support criminal activities and/or involved in fraud activities/intention related to a customer’s bank account and/or bank services/facilities including the ones that inflict losses to the society and other parties, and/or the Bank.
    2. The customer provides data/information that is considered suspicious by the Bank and/or provides data/information that is false/invalid/ incomplete, and/or unwilling to provide any data/information requested by the Bank in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The customer is exposed to the screening sanction according to the bank’s policy and/or the screening sanction in the recipient country.
    3. The Customer’s data profile matches with the Terrorist and Terrorist Group Watch List (Daftar Teroris dan Terduga Teroris  – DTTOT) and the Weapons of Mass Destruction proliferation watch list.
    4. There is a written request from the police, prosecutors, courts, Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK), Tax Office, or other competent authority in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations or to fulfill certain obligation/debt that has not been resolved by the Customer to the Bank.
  19. In the case where the customer’s account will be closed due to the above-mentioned reasons, the customer is required to withdraw the remaining balance or to transfer it to other bank accounts in accordance with the procedures and regulations of the Bank. The Bank holds the right to withhold the reason behind the closure unless stated otherwise in the regulations.
  20. Only in the event that the Customer:

    1. Pass Away
    2. Bankrupt
    3. Failed to pay
    4. Under a guardianship due to certain conditions
    5. Does not hold the rights to organize, maintain, or retain wealth

    the Account may be closed/disbursed and the remaining balance will be paid to the legally appointed party/heir/substitute in accordance with the law and regulations as well as the Bank’s policy. The Bank is hereby entitled to check the comprehensiveness and the validity of the submitted documents.

  21. In the event of a dispute between the Customer and the appointed party or between multiple parties claiming to be the legitimate heir, the Bank reserves the right to postpone the payment until the settlement between the disputing parties or the appropriate court decision has been reached.
  22. Jenius, the Main Account, and m-Card can only be used by the Customer alone and shall not be handed over or transferred in any form and in any way to other parties. However, x-Cards may be given and used by other party approved by the customer, and the customer shall be responsible for any misuse of the x-Card.

III. Benefits and Risks


  1. Mobile App and Internet Banking are available for the Customer to perform all financial and non-financial transactions services provided by Jenius, except for transactions with cash. The Customer will be assisted by the Customer Service and/or the Jenius Live available for any financial and non-financial service assistance only when the Mobile App and/or Internet Banking cannot be used for a reasonable cause.
  2. Customer Care and/or Jenius Live are available for any customer support such as inquiries or complaints.
  3. Cash transactions can be performed by using the ATM and TCR machines. By using the m-Card and/or x-Card, customers can make deposits or cash withdrawals through the TCR and make cash withdrawals/transfers/balance checking via BTPN ATMs or other banks’ ATMs registered as part of the Bersama/Prima/Visa networks.
  4. The Customer has fully understood all the features from the Bank Accounts that are related to Jenius, including but not limited to the Main Account in Indonesian rupiah and foreign currencies (USD, SGD, and JPY), Flexi Saver, Dream Saver, Maxi Saver,e-Card, and x-Card. The Customer can access all the Accounts mentioned above until a certain amount that is assigned by the Bank. The details of all the Account features can be found in the product information section on the Jenius website and/or Mobile App and Internet Banking.


  1. The Customer is responsible to ensure that all the data and instructions provided to the Bank are correct and complete. The Bank will not be responsible for the result of negligence, incompleteness or vagueness of the data and/or the instructions given by the Customer.
  2. For each of the transaction using the Mobile App and/or Internet Banking, the data and/or instructions provided by the Customer will be considered as true and valid to be executed by the Bank.
  3. The Customer hereby agrees that the Bank reserves the right to stop the execution of the customer’s instruction including, but are not limited to the following circumstances:

    1. Insufficient Account balance.
    2. The Account was subject to confiscation or block,
    3. The Bank has the reasonable ground to suspect any fraud or criminal intend.
  4. In the event of a dispute between the Customer and a third party, the Bank reserves the right not to make a payment or a transfer to anyone until the dispute has been settled and/or in accordance with a legally binding court order.
  5. The Customer hereby agrees that Bank reserves the right to suspend the service on the Mobile App and/or the Internet Banking for a predetermined period of time for maintenance purposes, and for other purposes deemed valid by the Bank, with or without prior notice to the Customer and without a responsibility to anyone.
  6. The Customer hereby agrees that the Bank holds the absolute right to update, modify or change the website or the software (including the Mobile App or other applications) that are used to access Jenius at any time with or without prior notice to the customer and without providing any reason.
  7. The Customer hereby agrees that the Bank reserves the right not to support the previous version of the software (Mobile App). If the Customer fails to update the relevant software or use the enhanced version, the Bank will not be responsible for any consequences thereof.
  8. The Bank is not responsible for the use of Jenius app on devices that are not supported by the Jenius apps including but not limited to jailbreak or rooted devices.

IV. Security Information

  1. Security information such as the User Name, Password, OTP (One Time Password), QR code, and PIN will be required for login, device activation, and the execution of each transaction as required by the Bank for authentication purposes. All the security information will be created and set by the Customer. The Customer is required to create a solid password and must not use a combination that can be easily guessed or use personal information such as date of birth and address. The use of such information will be considered as customer’s negligence. The customer is fully responsible for the security and the confidentiality of all the Customer’s Jenius application usage.
  2. The security information confidentiality is the customer’s sole responsibility because the information is equivalent to a written instruction signed by the customer, and shall be treated as an explicit authorization by the customer for the Bank to carry out transactions through the Mobile and/or Internet Banking Application.
  3. The use of Fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID to log in on the Mobile App, requires the Customer to:

    1. Be the Customer of the Bank and the valid Jenius Customer.
    2. Have downloaded the Jenius app on the Customer’s smartphone.
    3. Have at least one fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID registered on the smartphone.
  4. If the Customer wants to login using the fingerprint or Face Recognition/Face ID feature, the Customer has to activate this feature during the first login attempt following the Main Account creation or later on from the Profile Setting menu on Jenius app.
  5. After the fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID feature is activated, the Customer can login to the Account by using the fingerprint scanner on the Customer’s smartphone
  6. The Bank is not responsible for any loss caused by other party whose fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID is registered on the Customer’s smartphone.
  7. The Customer may disable the fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID login feature at any time from the Profile Setting menu on the Jenius app.
  8. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Bank does not claim or guarantee, either directly or indirectly, related to the use or Fingerprint
    1. whether the login using a fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID or Jenius Application has met the requirements; or
    2. the fingerprint feature/Face Recognition/Face ID or the Jenius application will always be available, accessible or function with the network infrastructure, systems or other bank services offered by the Bank over time.
  9. The Bank is not responsible for any losses suffered by the Customer in relation with the Fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID login feature (either intentionally or unintentionally) or the use of Jenius application, even if the Bank has informed the possibility of losses, including losses from:

    1. The violation of the Bank’s policy related to the login process using the Jenius Application’s Fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID feature.
    2. The event of an unauthorized access and/or the use of unauthorized electronic devices.
    3. The use of the information or data related to the Customer in any form by another party due to the use of Jenius and/or information obtained from the use of Fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID login feature during Sign in through the Fingerprint Login or the Mobile Application.
    4. Accessing the Jenius App using the Fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID login feature by parties other than the Customer.
    5. Any event outside of the Bank’s control or due to improper use; and/or a termination or a cessation during a Fingerprint/Face Recognition/Face ID login or the Mobile Application login.
  10. The Bank will submit a verification process that meets the Bank’s standard to enable the Customer to perform financial and/or non-financial transactions.
  11. The customer agrees to release the Bank from all losses, liability, claims, and expense (including the legal fees) that may arise in relation to the execution of the bank’s instructions, except in the case when the customer can prove otherwise and/or the transaction is wrongly executed by the Bank.
  12. The Customer is responsible for obtaining and using the software and/or equipment needed to access Jenius with the risk borne by the Customer.
  13. The Customer is also responsible for the performance and the security (including but not limited to taking all the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized use or access) of any equipment used by the Customer to access Jenius.
  14. The Customer must ensure that the equipment used to access Jenius is free from electronic failure, mechanical failure or data corruption, computer viruses, bugs and/or software that is harmful/prohibited by the telecommunication service provider, or the manufacturer or the vendor of the relevant equipment. This includes:

    1. The regular use of the Customer’s personal computers, mobile devices and/or other devices with software such as the latest anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall software which are kept up to date and ran with the latest anti-virus signatures.
    2. Ensuring that the Customer does not jailbreak, root, or modify the mobile device and/or other equipment, or download any prohibited application because it may increase the device’s vulnerability to viruses and malware.
  15. The Customer hereby agrees to exempt the Bank from the responsibility of electronic/mechanical malfunction, data corruption, computer virus, bugs and/or any other harmful software that may be caused by services provided by the relevant internet provider or information service provider.
  16. The Customer is responsible for the security of the m-Card, e-Card, x-Card, and other debit cards issued by Jenius, including protection from theft and misuse.
  17. The Jenius debit card will be issued with the validity information that shows the month and the year. The expiry date is the last day of the month and year printed on the card. After the debit card has expired, the card will be canceled and the Customer is no longer entitled to hold or use it. The card should be destroyed by cutting it (including the chip on the card) diagonally into two pieces and take the necessary steps to prevent the misuse of the card details.
  18. The Bank is exempted by the Customer from any loss and legal implication that may arise from the violation of the funds withdrawal rules, which adds the Customer to the National Customer Black List (Daftar Hitam Nasional – DHN) issued by Bank Indonesia and/or the OJK (Indonesian Financial Services Authority).
  19. By using the Jenius Application and/or Internet Banking, the Customer understands that all communications and instructions from the Customer received by the Bank will be treated as legitimate evidence despite not being in the form of a written document or issued in the form of signed documents, and therefore, the Customer agrees to compensate and release the Bank from any loss, liability, claims, and expenses (including legal fees) that may arise from the execution of the customer’s instructions.
  20. The Bank is only obliged to provide cash transactions service (either a deposit or a withdrawal) up to a maximum limit per transaction per day through the TCR machine located at the Jenius live or other predetermined locations. The ATM cash withdrawal is allowed up to the maximum limit specified by the Bank. For more details please visit our website at jenius.com/rates-and-limits.
  21. The Customer agrees and authorizes the Bank to reject proposals or cancel the Customer’s request for Cashtag identification in accordance with the applicable policies at the Bank. For that reason, the Customer agrees to release the Bank from any loss, liability, claim and expense (including legal fees) which may occur in relation to the use of Cashtag by the Customer.

V. Transaction Records

  1. The recording of every transaction within the bank account that used as the basis for Jenius and caused balance changes will be issued in the appropriate format determined by the Bank.
  2. The Bank will issue a transaction receipt such as, but not limited to, transaction receipt and/or e-statement available for the Customer to download.
  3. The E-statement will be issued on a monthly basis (including transactions from the first up to the last day of each month).
  4. If the Bank has not received any inquiry from the Customer within 7 (seven) days of receiving the e-statement, the Customer agrees to the information stated on the e-statement.
  5. Interest calculation:

    1. the Bank has the authority to determine the interest rates in accordance with the regulation, and the Customer will be appropriately informed according to the applicable regulation,
    2. value Added Tax (PPh) on the interest will be applied based on the applicable tax regulation,
    3. interest rate is only given for active customer.

VI. Fees

  1. The Bank holds the right to debit the Main Account and/or other Additional Accounts for predetermined charges in the fees table, which are available on Jenius website and/or Jenius Application and Internet Banking.
  2. Information regarding the fees and its related details can also be obtained by contacting Customer Care and visiting the Jenius Live.

VII. Government Assurance

  1. The Customer’s balance in Jenius is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of the Deposit Insurance Agency (Lembaga Penjaminan Simpanan or LPS).
  2. The Customer’s saving balance that exceeds the maximum value of savings and/or interest rate guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Agency (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan – LPS), or does not meet other requirements to be entitled for the LPS program in accordance with the current LPS Regulations and/or future relevant regulation, all of the risks are entirely the responsibility of the Customer.

VIII. Law and Corresponding Jurisdiction

  1. The interpretation and the implementation of these Terms and Conditions are regulated by and abide with the applicable law of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Matters related to these Terms and Conditions as well as its consequences, will be legally domiciled within the South Jakarta District Court without limiting the Bank’s rights of legal proceedings or indictment to Customer in other Indonesian courts.
  3. The Customer and the Bank mutually agreed to ignore Article 1266 in the Indonesian Civil Law.

These Terms and Conditions have been adjusted to all requirements set by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK).

IX. Statement and Authority

  1. The Customer hereby declares that every data, description, and electronic signature in the Account application and/or financial services/facilities used by the Customer, any supporting document related to the bank account application and/or banking service/facility used by the Customer, also every Account operational instruction and/or financial services/facilities, also the authority given by the Customer to a third party (if any) as well as the authority given to the Bank are valid and legally binding to every Account and/or financial service/facility, unless indicated otherwise. The Customer is obliged to provide information to the Bank immediately for every change in name, address, telephone number, NPWP number and any other item that are different from the previously submitted data/description provided by the Customer to the Bank. Failure to inform the above changes is entirely the Customer’s sole responsibility.
  2. The Customer hereby declares that:

    1. the Bank holds the right to perform validity tests to the data provided by the Customer on the bank account application or application to receive other services/facilities or any other similar application, and holds the right to request any additional data deemed necessary by the Bank,
    2. the Bank has given sufficient explanation regarding the characteristic of the Bank’s product that will be used by the Customer, and the Customer has fully understood the consequences including the benefits, losses, risks, and fees that may occur in relation to the Bank’s product.
  3. The Customer hereby declares to authorize the Bank to directly debit the funds from the Customer’s Account for the purpose of banking transaction.
  4. The Customer agrees to allow the Bank to provide and/or distribute the Customer’s personal data to representatives and/or holding companies and/or shareholders and/or affiliated companies and/or trusted third parties who have collaborated with the Bank for administrative purposes and/or financial products/services promotion and/or service improvement for the Customer.
  5. In the event that the Customer does not give approval to the Bank to provide and/or disseminate the Customer’s personal data to other parties (outside the Bank) for commercial purposes, the Bank will only use Customer’s personal data for Bank’s internal interest and will not give and/or disseminate to other parties outside the Bank’s legal entity, except as provided for in the applicable provisions.
  6. Regardless of the aforementioned provisions, the Customer hereby grants the power of attorney to the Bank to disclose information related to the Customer, including but not limited to, information about the amount of money or other particular matters relating to the Customer Account to the Controlling Shareholder/Last Controlling Shareholder, subsidiaries and Bank affiliates.
  7. The Customer hereby understands and agrees that The Customer authorizes and/or open the access to the Bank for:

    1. the Customer’s other bank account,
    2. the Customer’s social media account,
    3. the Customer’s electronic business (e-commerce) account,
    4. the Customer’s device records,
    5. Official information from the Customer telecommunication provider (excluding records of conversation),

    the Bank may read, obtain, collect, process and analyze the information in the Customer’s account that are deemed relevant by the Bank to the services/products chosen by the Customer or the services/products of the Bank that will be offered to the Customer.

  8. The customer hereby declares to have understood and aware of all the risks arise from the transactions, whether processed through the TCR machine, other places determined by the Bank, or other transactions related to the electronic banking, and is solely responsible for all transactions, including in the event of the Account, debit card, and/or banking facilities/services are misused for any reason.
  9. The Customer hereby declares that the Customer is willing to be visited and/or contacted by the Bank through the Customer’s personal communication means, to convey information (including products and/or services), from Monday to Saturday, excluding the national holiday, between 08.00 – 18.00 local time, while for service inquiries (including but not limited to card delivery and direct meetings for customer data verification) can be done on Monday to Sunday including national holidays from 08.00 – 21.00 local time.
  10. The customer hereby declares that the Bank is exempted from any claim/lawsuit for damages arising from system and/or communication facilities failure caused by external factors beyond the control of the Bank.
  11. The Customer hereby declares that he/she agrees that the signature stated on the ID Card (KTP) Photo submitted to the Bank is to be stored and used by the Bank as the Customer’s signature specimen.
  12. The customer hereby declares to be a subject and bound to this Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions for Customer of PT Bank BTPN Tbk. (which constitute an integral and inseparable part of this Terms and Conditions),the terms and conditions related to the Account and/or facility/banking services will be accepted by the customer such as the prevailing laws, legislation and the Bank’s authority in the Republic of Indonesia, determined by the Republic of Indonesia in relation to banking facilities/services provided by the Bank to the customer (including but not limited to electronic transaction process).
  13. All authority granted by the Customer under these Terms and Conditions are granted with a substitute right, and during which time the customer’s liability to the Bank has not been fully settled, such authority cannot be withdrawn and terminated for any reason, including but not limited to the reasons specified in the Article 1813 of the Civil Law, because such authority is an inseparable component of these Terms and Conditions.
  14. The customer agrees and acknowledges that the Bank has the authority to upgrade, modify or supplement the Terms and Conditions in accordance with the applicable regulations. Any change, addition or update to these Terms and Conditions will be informed through the Customer’s email or other means of communication/information and the customer is bound to such changes in the future.
  15. The Customer agrees to receive notification through electronic means in accordance with the applicable law, these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other notices regarding the Customer’s use of the Account or products/services provided by Jenius. Electronic means refer, but are not limited to, electronic mail, or displayed information on the website’s pages, Internet Banking or on the Jenius Mobile Application, or through wireless means of communication. The above terms, agreements, and notifications shall be deemed to have been received upon publication.
  16. The Customer hereby declares that customer has agreed that the customer is required to provide additional information and or documents requested by the bank in relation to customer’s transaction and profile, if needed.
  17. By reading, understanding and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer binds himself/herself to this Terms and Conditions, and all the terms and conditions set by the Bank and the Customer states that the Bank has provided sufficient explanations regarding the characteristics of the Bank’s products or services including Digital Banking Services the Customer will use and has understood all the consequences of using the Bank’s products or services including Digital Banking Services, along with the benefits, risks, and costs inherent in the Bank’s products or services including the Digital Banking Services.

X. Force Majeure

  1. The Customer shall exempt the Bank from all claims, if the Bank is unable to execute instructions from the Customer, both entirely or in part, due to events or causes beyond the control or capability of the Bank, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, riots, hardware condition, failure of electronic or transmission infrastructure systems, power failures, telecommunication interruptions, failure of the clearing system or any other matter determined by Bank Indonesia or other authorized institutions.
  2. Once the event when the Bank is unable to execute the instruction from the customer ends, the Bank will resume the instruction within the period based on the provisions of Bank Indonesia and/or the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

XI. Questions and Complaints

  1. Customer may contact the Customer Service for inquiry, file a request, and/or file a complaint via 1-500-365. If the Customer wishes to file a written complaint, a proof of evidence must be attached to support the complaint.
  2. Should the complaint is related to the completed financial transactions, the Customer must submit the complaint within 7 (seven) days after the transaction.
  3. The Bank will perform an examination/investigation of the complaint in accordance with the policies and procedures applicable at the Bank.