Personal Pricing

Transparent & Personal

You are unique, your pricing should be unique. We believe you should only pay for what you need, fully transparent, with no hidden costs.

At Jenius, you get:
no card fee
no monthly admin fee,
no penalty fee,
no account opening or closing fee,
no bill payment fee,
no e-commerce transaction fee,
and you don't even need a minimum balance.

And remember, every transaction you do within Jenius or BTPN accounts is totally free.

Introductory Gifts

Free Jenius trial

Free transaction fees for 50x interbank transfer via Jenius app and 50x cash
withdrawal using ATM Bersama/Prima network.

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Transparent Fees

For any transactions above and beyond Simple Plan, the following charges will apply.

Transaction Type FEE
Online Transfer (via App/Web App)  
To Other Bank IDR 3.000/trx
Send It to mobile numbers & emails IDR 3.000/trx
Cash Withdrawal  
Prima/Bersama Network IDR 7.500/trx
Visa Network IDR 25.000/trx
Transfer via ATM  
Prima/Bersama Network IDR 6.500/trx
Balance Inquiry  
Prima/Bersama Network IDR 4.000/trx
Visa Network IDR 5.000/trx
Failed Transaction  
Prima/Bersama Network IDR 2.500/trx
Visa Network IDR 5.000/trx
Document & Card Replacement Fees  
Document Request IDR 50.000 (max/day)
Card Replacement Free (1 card/year, IDR 25.000 after)

Interest Rates

Jenius provides the best interest rates possible

Account Type Interest Rate
Main Account (Active Balance) 1% p.a.
Flexi Saver & Dream Saver 5% p.a.
*Bear in mind that government taxes are applied at prevailing rates.

Transaction Limit

Everyday transaction limits

Transaction Type Min. Limit Max. Limit/trx Max. Limit/day
Send Money from App      
Transfer To Jenius / BTPN - IDR 1 bio. IDR 1 bio.
Transfer To Other Bank IDR 10k IDR 25 mio. IDR 100 mio.
Bill Payment - IDR 20 mio. IDR 20 mio.
Send It: People/Group IDR 10k IDR 10 mio. IDR 50 mio.
ATM Transaction      
Withdraw IDR 50k/IDR 100k Depends on ATM IDR 15 mio.
Transfer IDR 10k IDR 25 mio. IDR 50 mio.
TCR Transaction      
Withdraw IDR 50 mio. IDR 99.95 mio. IDR 99.95 mio.
Deposit IDR 50k/IDR 100k IDR 99.95 mio. IDR 99.95 mio.
e-Commerce Transaction      
Using m-Card and e-Card - IDR 100 mio.* IDR 100 mio.