“Setahun Jenius” x Chatime

Enjoy our special promotion in more than 80 Chatime outlets in Jabodetabek by using Jenius debit card (m-Card or x-Card).

Chatime promo mechanism – “Setahun Jenius”:

  1. Promo period: August 11th, 2017 (1 day).
  2. You only need to pay IDR11 for a purchase of regular-sized Pearl Milk Tea.
  3. Payments have to be made with Jenius debit cards (m-Card atau x-Card).
  4. One Jenius debit card is valid for one transaction only.

Chatime promo mechanism – Independence Day:

  1. Promo period: Agustus 12th – September 30th, 2017.
  2. 50% off of the purchase of regular-sized Pearl Milk Tea.
  3. On August 17th, 2017, you only need to pay IDR17 for a purchase of regular-sized Pearl Milk Tea from 4pm – 6pm.
  4. Payments have to be made with Jenius debit cards (m-Card atau x-Card).
  5. One Jenius debit card is valid for one transaction only, not applicable for multiple transactions.
  6. Applies in all Chatime outlets located in Jakarta Greater region.


Can we combine this promotion with other ongoing promotions at Chatime?
No, this promotion cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions at Chatime.
Is there a limit of number of Chatime I could buy in one transaction?
1 Jenius debit card can be used for one transaction per day to buy only 1 drink with special price. Thus, on the receipt you receive, the IDR11 (on August 11th, 2017), the IDR17 (on August 17th, 2017) or 50% discount (during August 12th – September 10th, 2017) will only be applied on 1 drink, with the other Pearl Milk Teas appear to be in normal price.
On August 17th, 2017, can I still receive the Jenius promo if I make a transaction outside 4pm – 6pm?
On August 17th, 2017, the IDR17 for regular Pearl Milk Tea promo applies during 4pm – 6pm. Outside of those hours, applies 50% off of regular Pearl Milk Tea promo.
If I’m not a Jenius user yet, what should I do to enjoy this promotion?
You can visit Jenius booth or do the following steps:

1. Download JENIUS app onApp Store/Google Play Store;

2. Get your ID Card ready, it will be needed for the registration process;

3. If you’re located in Jabodetabek, continue the registration process by clicking “Activate” or “Meet Jenius Crew Now” in your Jenius app. Jenius Crew will come to your place and help you with the activation process;

4. If you’re located outside Jabodetabek, visit the nearest BTPN Sinaya branch office to activate your Jenius account. You can check the locations of all BTPN Sinaya branch offices here;

5. If your Jenius account has been activated, you can activate you m-Card or order x-Cards right from your Jenius app.
If I’m a Jenius user but already uninstalled the app from my smartphone, what should I do?
You can download the app from App Store/Google Play Store, then input your username and password.
What if I forgot my password?
Click “Forgot Password”. You will need to answer the security question in the next step. New password will be sent to your e-mail and can be used for loggin in.

If you need help or facing some troubles, please make a call to 1500 365.

If I have some questions regarding this program, who should I contact?
For more information regarding this promotion, you may call Jenius Help in 1500 365 or drop a message through Jenius Chat inside Jenius app.

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