PAY family, friends and bills (or request money from them!),
SAVE for your dreams, CONTROL your budget with x-Cards and spend categorisation.

Split Bill

No more simple fight over who will pay.

Hey, you won’t cover the bill alone anymore. You can manually count the amount and split the bill fairly using Split Bill.


Split the bill, not relationship

Split Bill allows you to split any bill with your family or friends instantly. The bill will be sent in a form of a notification in the app (for Jenius users) or instant messaging and e-mail (for non-Jenius users).

Follow these steps to fairly split your bill with Split Bill

Open Split Bill feature the choose the names you want to share your bill with from your contact list. You can also input the contact manually by tapping Input Manually.

Input the total amount of bill that you want to share. You can also manually arrange the amount for each person. Then tap Send Request.

Your Split Bill request has successfully been sent!