PAY family, friends and bills (or request money from them!),
SAVE for your dreams, CONTROL your budget with x-Cards and spend categorisation.

Send It

Sending money or paying bills have never been this easy.

You can send money to anyone in any way you want by using $Cashtag, bank account number, phone number or e-mail address. You can also save a lot of time by scheduling payments. Whether it is your phone bill, water & electricity, TV & internet, everything will be done in no time.


The list of those favored and chosen

Favourite List makes sending money to your closest ones far easier. You can mark your friends in the contact list whom you’re always having transaction with and their names will automatically appear whenever you have a transaction to make.

Start marking your favourite contact with these steps

Open Send It feature and choose Favourite. Tap Add Favourite.

Choose the option to add your Favourite list from Jenius Contacts.

Mark the contact you want to add to the list by tapping on the star symbol beside the contact name. That selected contact will automatically appeared inside the Favourite menu.

Many options for your transaction

With Jenius, you can send money by using account number, phone number, e-mail address, or $Cashtag. $Cashtag is a clever way to prevent you from forgetting the long bank account numbers. Pick a name that truly represents you and make it your personal Jenius account.

$Cashtag, a replacement to your account numbers

You can still send money to another bank. Jenius will automatically verify the other bank account numbers so the process will remain safe and secure. moreover, there are 2 additional transfer options to other bank that you can do; SKN (Sistem Kliring Nasional) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) that make transfers and send money requests easier than ever!

Try this effortles way of transferring money

Open Send It feature and choose Personal. Choose the receiver you’re going to send money to from the contact list.

Complete the details needed, such as the amount of money, the time it is going to be sent, the transaction category, and type down the message if you must, then tap Next.

Your money is successfully being sent. You can also share the receipt by tapping on View Receipt.

Every bill can be paid!

Phone bills, mobile top-up, e-Commerce, transportation, TV and Internet, utility bills, and credit card bills can be paid with Jenius. Find the complete list here.

Pay bills with no worries

Once you’ve paid bills with Jenius, everything will be recorded. So the next time you’re making a payment, there’s no need to add any bill information. Just click and send, right from your phone. Any where, any time, no hassle!

Have you tried this Jenius way to pay your bills?

Open Send It feature and choose Bills. Tap Credit Card and then choose the destination bank you’re going to pay your credit card bills to.

Input the credit card number from the bills you need to pay, then tap Next.

Input the amount of bill that needed to be paid. Add a message of you have to. Then tap Next.

Masukkan nominal tagihan yang harus dibayarkan. Cantumkan pesan juga apabila diperlukan. Lalu klik Lanjut.

3 most asked questions

  • What are the benefits of doing transaction in Jenius?

    All transactions are done through your mobile device in the most simple way.
    You don’t even need to know account numbers to send money, just use mobile number, email, or $Cashtag.

  • How to top up my Jenius account?

    You can send money (transfer with ATM, or IB/MB) from
    other bank or using TCR machine to deposit your balance to Jenius account.

  • Can i do Split Bill without using Jenius debit card?

    Yes, you can. First you need to select the people or group you
    want to split the bill with on the bank contact list, then you can input the bill manually.
    Jenius will smartly split the bill for you, and you can adjust it later.

  • Have any more questions?

    Visit our FAQ