PAY family, friends and bills (or request money from them!),
SAVE for your dreams, CONTROL your budget with x-Cards and spend categorisation.

Save It

It’s the new way of saving your money

You have to commit to your goals if you want to achieve it. But, it has never been easy and we understand that. That’s why, we have Save It to help you. It’s a new, easy and fast way to achieve your dream.


A flexible saving for unexpected needs

A car breakdown cover? A hospital bill? Forgetting a birthday? These unexpected expenses could affect your finance. Now you can start planning for the rainy day. Flexi Saver will help you with its flexibility to withdraw the money anytime you want. Plus, it gives you a 5% interest p.a.

How to create your Flexi Saver

Open Save It feature. Tap Start Saving on Flexi Saver.

Input the amount of money you want to save in Flexi Saver, the tap Next.

Review the information given and then tap Start Saving.

A regular saving to help you achieve your life goals

Count down the days to your dreams coming true. State your goal, set the date, decide on the budget and Jenius will auto-calculate and auto-save your money every day/week/month until the D-Day. Slow but sure, your dreams will come true.

There’s no dream you can’t achieve

Dream Saver helps you to achieve your dream faster by having a specific saving separate from your main balance. The budget for your dream is safe from your daily transaction. You can utilize Dream Saver for any specific goals. Maybe savings for travel, for a new gadget, for your kid’s education fund, or other future plans. You can create up to 10 Dream Savers with 10-years span each, and a 5% p.a. interest rate.

Change your saving habit with Dream Saver

Open Save It feature. Tap Create New Dream on Dream Saver.

Complete the detail needed, such as the name of your Dream Saver, the total amount you need to save, the initial balance, the date it should be achieved and then tap Next.

Review the information given and then tap Create New Dream.

A term deposit that can be created right from your smartphone

Maximize your saving with up to 6% p.a. interest rate and a minimum principal amount of IDR10,000,000. You can also pick your most preferrable maturity term from 1 to 12 months, with an e-Advis accessible in the Maxi Saver itself. From creating, extending, and withdrawing your term deposit, everything from your smartphone, any time and any where you want.

Choose the roll over options

In addition to saving in a specified period of time, you can also choose the roll over principal: the Principal or Principal + Interest or you can also choose to end your deposit and it will automatically be credited to your Jenius main account. Read the Terms & Conditions.

Start creating your Maxi Saver by following these steps

Open Save It feature. Tap Create New Deposit on Maxi Saver.

Complete the detail needed, such as the principal amount, the maturity term, and ARO/non-ARO options, the tap Next.

Review the information given and then tap Create New Deposit.

3 most asked questions

  • What is Maxi Saver?

    Maxi Saver is a Term Deposit that lets you earn a higher interest rate for a period of time. Maxi Saver is suitable for you who don’t need immediate access to your funds.

  • How much of interest rate will I earn if I were to create a Maxi Saver with IDR10,000,000 principal starting June 8th, 2018?

    Every Maxi Saver created after June 8th, 2018 will be granted 5.75% p.a. interest rate for principal amount of IDR10,000,000 and 6% p.a. interest rate for principal amount of IDR100,000,000 and above util the end of its term.

  • Will I still be entitled to the previous interest rate if I opt to Automatically Roll Over (ARO) my Maxi Saver?

    If you choose to Automatically Roll Over (ARO) your Maxi Saver in the end of its term, your interest rate for the subsequent term will adjust to the rates that apply during your roll over period.

  • Have any more questions?

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