PAY family, friends and bills (or request money from them!),
SAVE for your dreams, CONTROL your budget with x-Cards and spend categorisation.

In & Out

Your transaction history can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Now you can check, browse and download all of your transaction history without the need to go to the bank. You can also filter your search based on type, category, time and amount range right from your Jenius app.


All transactions can be traced

With In & Out you can fast-track all of your transaction history easily. Make your search more specific by filtering the transaction history based on the amount range, time range, transaction type, and category.

How to filter your search for a more accurate finding

Tap on the funnel icon at the top right corner to filter your transaction history.

Filter your transaction history by the amount of transaction, category, time duration, or transaction type, then tap Add Filter.

Your In & Out will be filtered based on the filter you’ve chosen.