PAY family, friends and bills (or request money from them!),
SAVE for your dreams, CONTROL your budget with x-Cards and spend categorisation.

Card Center

Manage your spending right from your smartphone

In Card Center, your can refund or add more money to your debit cards.
This helps you to manage and control your spending. Card Center is the ground control
to your Jenius Debit Cards financial activity.


Double the security with block/unblock card

Every financial activity you do with your Jenius Debit Cards can be managed from Card Center, such as setting the ATM withdrawal and transaction limit. If you lose your card, you can temporarily block your card and then unblock it once it’s found, or permanently block it if it’s really lost or broken. All of those securities provided to make sure your money is safe.

Allocate your spending with extra debit cards

Besides the two primary debit cards; m-Card and e-Card, you can have up to 3 extra debit cards. These Jenius x-Cards can be utilised for different specific needs, a debit card for transportation, another one to fulfil your passion for good food, and so on. You can also create a different PIN number in each x-Card for a maximum security.

Here’s how to block your card from your smartphone

Open Card Center feature and choose the debit card you want to block. Tap Block Card menu, shown at the bottom of your phone screen.

Choose one of listed reasons you want to block your card permanently, then tap Permanent Block.

Your Jenius Debit Card has successfully been blocked. Your new debit card will soon be sent to your correspondence address in maximum 14 working days.

3 most asked questions

  • What should I do if I lose my Jenius debit card?

    You can temporary block your card until it is found. But if it’s really lost, broken, or stolen, you can permanently block your Jenius debit cards. By choosing Permanent Block in Card Center, automatically your new replacement debit card will be sent in 2-3 working days.

  • How can I see the CVV code on my e-Card?

    ou can see the CVV code by accessing Card Center and choose e-Card then tap See CVV code at the bottom of the e-Card image.

  • How can I see the transaction history of my x-Cards?

    Select the desired x-Card, then tap Transaction to see the transaction history of that debit card.

  • Have any more questions?

    Visit our FAQ