EveryYay Benefit

Applicable to All Visa Merchants

Easier way to withdraw cash or transact online and offline with Visa payWave Jenius Debit Cards.

EveryYay Benefit

Easy Payments With Jenius Pay

A smarter way to transact online by using your $Cashtag without having to submit your card information

EveryYay Benefit

Great Deals at Various Merchants

Jenius partnered up with a variety of brands to offer you the best deals.

What should I do if my Genius Debit Card (m-Card and x-Card) is lost?

You can temporarily block until your Jenius Debit Card is found or you can also deactivate your Jenius Debit Card permanently if it’s completely gone. A replacement debit card will automatically be sent to the correspondence address that you registered with your Jenius account.

Jenius debit card holders have the opportunity as much as 1 time per year to request a debit card change at no charge, after the opportunity is used you will be charged Rp. 25,000 for each card request. This applies to each Jenius Debit Card owned.

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