Maxi Saver

A term deposit that can be created, managed and withdrawn right from your smartphone

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Create a term deposit anytime, anywhere

Maxi Saver will be immediately available to you after you've successfully registered your Jenius account. You can access this feature from the Jenius app and start your term deposit wherever and whenever you want without having to fill any forms or prepare any documents. Read the terms and condition here.
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Grow your money with up to 7% interest rate

Looking for a way to fund your business?
Preparing for a mortgage down payment?
Saving for your children’s future education?
Perhaps you just want to put your money in safekeeping?

Whatever the purpose, Maxi Saver can help you grow your money with up to 7% p.a.

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Manage your term deposit your way

The required principal amount for your Maxi Saver term deposit starts from IDR10,000,000. You choose which tenure is right for you from 1 to 12 months and decide the rollover periode.

If you withdraw your Maxi Saver before the tenure matures, only the principal amount you deposited will be returned to your Active Balance.

Roll Over Principal

Maxi Saver will automatically roll over your principal and the interest you receive will be automatically added to your Active Balance.

The amount acrued from Principal + Interest will automatically be rolled over for the next period.

Once your term deposit reaches maturity, the Principal and the accrued interest you’ve earned will be creditted to your Active Balance.

Every time you create a Maxi Saver deposit, you will receive an e-Advice that serves as proof that you legally own the term deposit.

Over the course of your Maxi Saver’s tenure periode, you are given the option to change the maturity 5x. Changing the deposit’s period can only be done 1 day after you’ve created the term deposit and 2 days prior to the maturity date.

Principal deposits ranging from IDR10,000,000 – IDR99,999,999 will receive a 6.5% p.a.
Principal deposits ranging from IDR100.000.000 – Rp499.999.999 will receive a 6.75% p.a.
Deposits from IDR500,000,000 and above will receive a 7% p.a. Interest rates are subject to change at any time.

Create Your Jenius Account Now!

No need to go to the bank. All you need to create your Jenius account is your smartphone, e-KTP and access to the internet.


Log in to your Jenius app, scroll down the dashboard until you find Save It widget. You can also tap on top left menu, choose Save It and under Maxi Saver menu, you will see all of your active Maxi Savers.

The minimum amount required for opening a Maxi Saver is IDR10,000,000 (ten million rupiah).

You can terminate at any time except on the day you create your Maxi Saver and 2 working days before the maturity date. However, if you want to withdraw before the period, you will not get the interest and only the principal amount will be returned.

You can have as many Maxi Saver as you want.

No, you cannot terminate a Maxi Saver and withdraw your funds on the day it was set up.

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