Flexi Saver

3 flexible savings
for money allocation

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Easily allocate money
as needed

These 3 Flexi Savers are available automatically for you in the Save It menu and are flexible to use to suit your needs.

You can deposit/withdraw money at any time, there's no minimum deposit, and you'll get 2.5% p.a. interest rate. This interest rate will be calculated daily and paid monthly.

The money deposited/allocated to Flexi Saver will be withdrawn from the Active Balance.
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Make it personal
with a name and a photo

Every saving you’ve created in Flexi Saver can be named according to its intention of savings.


Don’t forget to add photos in each Flexi Saver so that you will be more enthusiastic about saving money.

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Flexibly change savings
as needed

If your saving goals change, you can edit the Flexi Saver by changing the savings name and adjusting the photo.


If the three Flexi Saver quotas are already used but there is a new saving you want to create, you have to edit one of the Flexi Savers that is still running.

Create Your Jenius Account Now!

No need to go to the bank. All you need to create your Jenius account is your smartphone, e-KTP and access to the internet.


The advantage of using Flexi Saver is that you can allocate up to 3 savings, each with 2.5% interest per year.

You can deposit or withdraw your money at any time without additional fees. As a personal touch, you can give your savings name and photo according to your savings purpose.

There is no minimum initial deposit to make a Flexi Saver

You can view the interest you’ve received from saving in Flexi Saver by tapping on Transactions menu inside the Flexi Saver or from monthly e-Statement.

Unfortunately, you can’t. You can only add money to you Flexi Saver from Active Balance.

You cannot delete the Flexi Saver that you have created. But you can change the name and photo on the Flexi Saver according to your saving purpose. You can also make a withdrawal until the remaining balance is IDR0.

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