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Flexi Cash

It's your standby fund! Withdraw it anytime you need

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Easy to disburse many times according to the limit you receive

The standby fund that has been prepared for you can be transferred to your Active Balance in several different disbursements as long as it’s still within the limit you receive.

You can decide the amount of money to be disbursed and the length of the tenure.

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Always ready for the unexpected

No need to panic and get confused when facing
impromptu moments that require additional funding

You can disburse Flexi Cash anytime, anywhere
when facing limited offers (such as cheap tickets at a travel fair), when you have to increase business capital, to speed up your plans ofbuying things, to go to a place, etc.

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Automatic payment for your convenience

Monthly payments are made automatically by
withdrawing the funds from Active Balance
at 7 PM on the scheduled date.

If you want to speed up the payments,
choose Pay Early that allows you to
make a partial payment or in full.

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About Flexi Cash

What is Flexi Cash?

Flexi Cash is your standby fund whenever you need extra money. You can immediately withdraw money after you’ve activated Flexi Cash.

How can I get a Flexi Cash loan?

Only selected Jenius customers can apply for Flexi Cash loan facilities through Jenius app.

What are the benefits of Flexi Cash?

Flexi Cash makes it easy for you to receive money loans with these added benefits:
1. Competitive interest rates.
2. Flexible interest rates that can decrease over time. if you pay your loans early.
3. Once activated, Flexi Cash will immediately be available for you.
4. Withdraw money from Flexi Cash whenever you need.
5. No administration fees.

Where can I find more information about Flexi Cash?

1. Tap the menu button, then select Flexi Cash.
2. Tap on the three dotted icons on the top right corner and select About and FAQ.

Can I apply for a loan from Jenius app?

Selected Jenius customers can apply for a loan through Flexi Cash menu in Jenius app.

How do I apply for Flexi Cash?

Follow these steps to apply for Flexi Cash:
1. Choose Flexi Cash in your Jenius app.
2. Choose I Want to Apply For Flexi Cash and tap Ok, Got It.
3. For Android users, click the Allow button to provide access to Flexi Cash.
4. Complete your Personal details, then tap Next.
5. Input your residential address information or click the toggle on the page if the residence address is the same as your correspondence address and tap Next.
6. Complete Your Work Information, then tap Next.
7. Complete your Next of Kin Details information and tap Next.
8. Your Flexi Cash application will be processed immediately.

You can also do an offer simulation by choosing Calculate Possible Offer on the Overview page.

Are there any requirements when I applying for Flexi Cash loan?

These are the requirements when you apply for a Flexi Cash loan:
1. Indonesian citizen.
2. 21-50 years old.
3. Have a KTP.

My application for Flexi Cash has been accepted, what should I do now?

Follow these steps below to activate your Flexi Cash:
1. Choose Flexi Cash in your Jenius app.
2. Choose Accept This Offer.
3. Select Activate.
4. Input your Jenius password.
5. Tap the Flexi Cash notification offer that you’ll receive after your application has been approved.
6. Flexi Cash is ready to be used after your Flexi Cash activation process is succeeded.

How long does it take to approve a Flexi Cash application?

The approval process for Flexi Cash submission is 5 working days at the latest.

Why is my application for Flexi Cash loan not approved?

Flexi Cash facility approval is a decision from the bank and this policy cannot be contested.

If my Flexi Cash application is not approved, when can I submit Flexi Cash again?

You can apply for Flexi Cash again after 120 days from the results of an unapproved submission.

How do I make a loan withdrawal in Flexi Cash?

1. On the Flexi Cash overview screen, tap Withdraw.
2. Input the amount of money you wish to withdraw.
3. If needed, you can include a photograph and the name of the loan (optional).
4. Tap Next
5. Choose the tenure you prefer..
6. Review the amount you need to pay every month, then choose Next.
7. Check to ensure that the amount of money you wish to loan is correct and that you have enough money in your Active Balance to pay the monthly payment.
8. Then tap Withdraw.
9. Congratulations, the money you wish to loan is now in your Active Balance.

How many loans can I create?

The maximum of active loans that you can make is in accordance with the Credit Limit loaned by the bank.

Can I request a loan from Jenius app?

Yes. Selected customers can apply for a loan through Flexi Cash menu in Jenius app.

Can I change the loan payment date?

No, the loan period cannot be changed when the loan is already running.

What is the minimum limit of loan withdrawal in Flexi Cash? and how much minimum installment when withdraw loan

The minimum loan withdrawal of Flexi Cash is IDR500,000 and minimum of installment is IDR75,000/month.

How can I see the remaining fund I can withdraw?

1. Choose Flexi Cash.
2. On the Overview tab, you will see the remaining withdrawal limit.

I withdraw a second loan with Flexi Cash, why is the number of the first installment is different from the second and next installment?

The due date of the installment adjusts to the date from which the loan was first drawn, therefore the interest calculation is adjusted from the date when the loan drawdown. This adjustment causes your first installment amount to be different from the rest.

What should I do, if my loan application is already active but I want to cancel it?

If Flexi Cash has been activated and you don’t want to use the loan, you don’t need to withdraw the loan. You can withdraw Flexi Cash loans any time you want to use them.

What should I do, if my loan application is already approved but I want to cancel It?

If Flexi Cash has been approved but you don’t want to use it, you don’t need to make a loan withdrawal.
But it is better for you to activate your Flexi Cash because Flexi Cash offer that is not yet active is only valid for 60 days after the loan is approved. In order to make it easier to withdraw your loan any time you want to use it.

Is there a validity period for the approved Flexi Cash loan?

Yes. The validity period of the Flexi Cash offer that has not been activated is 60 days after the loan application was approved, you have to re-apply if you have passed the time period.
If you want to withdraw the loan, you can immediately activate it on the Flexi Cash menu.

Can I withdraw as much money as what is offered to me?

Yes, you can.

How can I increase my loan limit on Flexi Cash menu?

Jenius always pays attention to the quality of customer portfolios. Increasing your Flexi Cash credit limit can currently only be initiated by Jenius as a bank.
Here are the things that customers can do to get an offer to increase their credit limit:
1. Customers actively using Flexi Cash.
2. Customers always make payments according to the payment schedule.

What is the interest rate applies for borrowing money (cash advance) from Flexi Cash?

The interest rate is start from 1.75%. Each person will be charged a different interest for a loan on the Flexi Cash menu depending on the risk profile of each customer.

What is an interest outstanding?

Interest outstanding is the amount of interest that must be paid in the current month. The principle of interest calculation applied by Jenius is using annuity interest calculation.

What if bank fails to withdraw the money, will I still be charged with the interest?

Yes, customers will automatically be charged with the interest when a debit failure occurs. Customers are advised to report to Jenius Help at 1500 365, if there is any debit failures in their Flexi Cash feature.

If the date of my second loan collection is not the same as my first loan, how is the interest calculation for the second loan at the due date?

Flexi Cash interest uses current interest.
For example: If you make the first loan withdrawal on November 15, then you make a second loan withdrawal on December 9, the due date of your loan payments will fall on January 15. Then the amount of interest to be paid on January 15 will be counted for 36 days.

Will I immediately be charged with interest when I successfully activate my Flexi Cash?

No. You will only be charged with interest when you’ve made a loan withdrawal in the Flexi Cash.

What is annuity interests calculation?

The principle of annuity interest calculation is to achieve fixed payment amount on each month. Instalments consist of interest and principal which periodically change where the principal value of the instalments will be greater, but the value of interest will be smaller from time to time.

Loan instalment simulation refer to the following illustration:
Bunga Anuitas

What is the benefit of using annuity interests?

The principle of annuity interests calculation will make the amount of instalments paid on each month the same (fixed). With fixed payments, your cash flow can be maintained better.

Why did I lose some fund on my Active Balance, but there is no information about the Flexi Cash repayment in the In & Out?

The Flexi Cash repayment will be directly debited from your Active Balance, and will be kept by Jenius for the settlement at the end of the day. While this process is ongoing, the balance taken for repayment will not be shown in the In & Out and will not be seen as paid.

After the settlement is done, your repayment status will be shown on the Flexi Cash and In & Out menu.

If within 2 x 24 hours, you have not received any payment information in In & Out, please do contact Jenius Help at 1500 365.

When do I have to make an installment payment?

Installments payment should be paid according to the date when you withdraw you first loan or according to the cycle date stated in the Flexi Cash feature inside the Jenius app.

How do I make an installment payment?

You can make an installment payment by ensuring that the amount of funds in your Active Balance is sufficient before 19.00 WIB on the cycle date. Then, Jenius will automatically withdraw the fund that must be paid right at that time and date.
If your Active Balance is insufficient when an automatic payment is made, then the amount of the determined penalty will be applied immediately.

What is the minimum and maximum time period to pay the loan?

The minimum term of payment is 1 month and the maximum term of payment is 36 months.

How do I see the number of installments I have to pay in the following months?

There are three ways to do that:
– Through the Flexi Cash widget in the dashboard,
– By choosing Overview and the number of installments can be seen in The Next Automatic Payment, or
– You can find it in Loans menu.

Can I make a loan payment earlier than the payment date?

Yes, here’s how:
1. Choose Flexi Cash.
2. Choose Loans.
3. Select the loan which you want to pay before the due date.
4. Choose Pay in Advance.
5. Input the amount you wish to pay.
6. Tap Next.
7. Make sure the amount you want to pay is correct, then select Pay Installment.

How many times can I make an early payment?

You have 2 opportunities of making an early payment for every withdrawal of a new loan, but you can only make 1 early payment per month.

What is the minimum payment of an early payment?

The minimum payment amount of early payment is 1 installment.

What is the maximum payment of an early payment?

The maximum amount for early payment is the remaining amount of loan that you have not paid.

If I make an early payment, how will the next installment in the following months be adjusted?

The schedule for the next months will be automatically adjusted based on the payment you’ve made. The tenure reduction is also possible depends on the amount of your early payment.

Why can’t I make an early payment?

Some reasons why you cannot make an early payment are:
– Early payment cannot be made at due date from 19:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m (western Indonesian time).
– You have made an early payment on that month.
– You still have an unpaid installment.
– The amount in your Active Balance is not enough to pay monthly installments.
– You have not passed the first month payment period.

I have 2 loans that are running and have passed the due date. If my Active Balance is only enough to pay for one of the loans, which loan will withdraw money from my Active Balance?

The first loan to be paid is the first loan taken.

Can I make a payment by doing a money transfer from other bank?

You can only pay your Flexi Cash loan from Active Balance and not by making a deposit directly to the loan account.

Can the installment payments be made at the nearest BTPN branch office (Sinaya/Purna Bakti)?

No. You can only make a deposit to your Active Balance through the nearest BTPN branch office, but you can’t make a deposit directly to the loan account.

What if I forgot to move my money from Flexi Saver to Active Balance, can it still be withdrawn directly for Flexi Cash installments?

No. You still have to move your money in Flexi Saver to Active Balance for it to be withdrawn to Flexi Cash.

Can I reset the tenor for loan repayments?

No. Tenor installment payments cannot be changed and will still follow the first tenor arrangement.