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Card Center

One place to manage all your Jenius Debit Cards.

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Manage your cards hassle-free

Card Center allows you to block/unblock cards, create or terminate a card, change PIN, trace transaction history of each card, even change the name of your x-Card. All of this is possible straight from the app, no need to go to the bank.

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How do I order a new debit card (x-Card)?

1. Choose Card Center.
2. Choose Create x-Card.
3. Choose the desired design and create a name for your debit card.
4. Choose Create New Card.

The Jenius Debit Card will be sent as soon as possible to your correspondence address*. If more than 3 business days (for Jabodetabek) or more than 7 business days (for outside Jabodetabek) since you requested a new card, you still haven’t received your Jenius Debit Card, please contact Jenius Help at 1500 365 to find out the status of your debit card delivery.

*Card shipments may experience delays in this Covid-19 outbreak situation

After receiving m-Card or x-Card, you have to activate the debit card first before you can use it.
To activate m-Card or x-Card:
1. Choose Card Center and choose the new debit card from the card list.
2. Make sure the debit card numbers in the Jenius app is exactly the same with the ones on the physical card.
3. Choose Activate to activate the debit card.
4. Insert 3 digits CVV code shown on the rear side of the physical card.
5. Insert 6 digits new PIN code for the debit card.
6. Choose Activate.

1. Choose Card Center.
2. Choose Top Up.
3. Choose the desired debit card.
4. Tap Next.
5. Enter the desired value to be topped up.
6. Tap Confirm.
7. Recheck the information given, tap Confirm.
8. You have successfully topped up you debit card’s balance.

1. Choose Card Center.
2. Choose the desired debit card.
3. Tap on menu at the top right of your smartphone monitor, then tap Change Limit.
4. Enter the desired transaction value limit, then tap Save.
– Maximum value of single purchase limit per transaction is IDR100,000,000
– Maximum value of daily ATM withdrawal limit is IDR15,000,000

Yes, you can.
1. Choose Card Center, then choose any Jenius Debit Card you want to check.
2. Tap Transactions.